How To: Choose between Full Width Portable Wheelchair Ramps and Track Ramps


What are full width portable wheelchair ramps?
Full width portable wheelchair ramps are the most popular style ramps that have been designed to load manual wheelchairs, powerchairs, or scooters. These ramps generally come in a few different styles to help ease mobility along with minimizing the storage space required to store these ramps when not in use. This style of ramp typically comes with a solid grit tape or “bleacher seat” style surface with the entire width of the ramp being around 28″-30″ depending on the model/manufacturer.

What are wheelchair track ramps?
Track ramps are much different than your standard wheelchair ramp because they do not have a full width driving surface. Track ramps come in two “track” sections which have to be aligned properly to assure safe loading. This style of loading ramp is sold mainly as telescoping models which allows the tracks to be extended to a max length & then slid in to itself to make it half it’s maximum length. Each track is usually 9″ to 10″ in overall width & comes equipped with a sand paper grit material as it’s surface.

What wheelchair ramp is better for me? Full-Width or Track Style?
The question above is something that many people commonly ask as it can be a difficult task to figure out what wheelchair ramp style works better for certain situations. When one is considering the option of purchasing full-width wheelchair ramps or track ramps there are many factors & things to take into account as each style has it’s own benefits/uses.

To help find which style of ramp is best for your application please see the charts below.

Chart lists the uses for each wheelchair ramp style.
Full-Width Wheelchair Ramps Track Ramps ¹
Manual Wheelchairs Manual Wheelchairs
Powerchairs Some Powerchairs
Scooters Some Scooters
3-Wheel Scooters
Bariatric Chairs
¹ Note that track ramps WILL NOT work with any 3 wheel scooters, 6 wheel powerchairs, or bariatric chairs. They will only work with SOME powerchairs and scooters.
Chart lists benefits of each wheelchair ramp style.
Full-Width Wheelchair Ramps Track Ramps
More stable Lighter weight
No width alignment needed More adjustable
More uses/More universal More compact
Some can be used on rear doors of SUV or Minivans. Works better on side doors or narrow areas.
Available in Single-folding, multi-folding, or solid design. Telescoping Design

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