Wheelchair Tie Downs

Our wheelchair securing systems and tie downs offer a safe, convenient way to secure a power or electric chair with or without occupants on a bus, van, minivan or handicapped transport vehicle.

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QRT Standard Retractable Securement Systems

QRT Standard L Track Wheelchair Retractors

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The Q'Straint QRT standard retractable wheelchair tiedowns and securing systems are the highest quality, easiest 4 point tie down restraint systems on the market today. The best choice for a bus company or handicapped transport company
M-Series Tiedown Kit M-305-L30

QRT M-Series L-Track Wheelchair Tie Downs from Q'Straint

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The q-straint M-series low cost 4 point tie down wheelchair restraint systems are a super buy for the budget conscious handicapped wheelchair transport user. This system has an FMVSS approved wheelchair strap and buckle system
Qrt Max Video Training Program

Q'Straint Wheelchair Tie Down System

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Slide 'N' Click retractable tie downs by Q' Straint. The QRT MAX is the best in wheelchair restraints.
QStraint Dimensions & Spec Image

L Track Wheelchair Tie Down System

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QRT MAX 'L' Track retractable tie downs by Q' Straint. Convenient restraint for use with L tracks.
QStraint Wheelchair Tiedowns

Q'Straint Deluxe Wheelchair Tie Down Kit

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The QRT qstraint economy retractable restraint system is a 4 point wheelchair tie down system with quick release belts and single tensioners.
QStraint Regular Track

Q'Straint Regular Track

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Non-Flanged L-Track made of 6351 T6 aluminum alloy with anti-slip and groove features.
Qstraint Surface Track

Q'Straint Surface Track

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Surface L-Track made of 6351 T6 aluminum alloy with anti-slip and groove features.
QStraint Flange Track

Q'Straint Flange Track

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Flanged L-Track made of 6351 T6 aluminum alloy with anti-slip and groove features.
QStraint Wheelchair Tiedown Slide N Click

Q'Straint Wheelchair Tiedown Slide'N Click Top Assembly

Single hand operated low profile floor pocket with 360° rotation and single bolt installation
QStraint Wheelchair Tiedown Floor Pocket With Cover

Q'Straint Wheelchair Tiedown Floor Pocket with Cover

Covered Wheelchair Tiedown Floor Pocket provides a flush, fixed securement position for L-Track fittings. Double Bolt installation, includes debris cover.
QStraint Wheelchair Tiedown Oval Floor Pocket

Q'Straint Wheelchair Oval Floor Pocket

Single Bolt floor anchorage installs to the vehicle floor providing a fixed securement position
QStraint Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

Q'Straint Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

An essential rescue tool for all public safety first responders, EMT's, police officers, and drivers using wheelchair tie down systems.
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If you are looking for any other style of wheelchair tiedowns or wheelchair seat belts or occupied wheelchair securing device, please let us know because we have access to many additional style of systems from qstraint and other wheelchair tie down systems. Also please contact us if you are seeking bids for wheelchair tie down systems for use in a municipal or private bus company, wheelchair transport company, or other specialized handicapped transport service. We regularly are awarded wheelchair tie down contracts because of our commitment to low prices and ongoing service to our clients. If you require a bid or additional information ,please contact us Toll Free at 1-888-651-3431 and speak to one of our mobility specialists.