4" Chain Anchor Winch Strap

Cargo winch strap that is designed to secure loads to flatbed or step deck trailers. With a yellow strap that's made from reinforced nylon for strength and durability even with large, difficult loads. The winch strap with chain anchor is 30' long with a 5,000 lbs Working Load Limit and a 15,000 lbs Breaking Strength.

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The cargo winch strap is 4" wide x 30' long to tie down large loads securely to flatbed or step deck trailers with winches installed. The winch strap with chain anchor has a G70 forged steel chain with 3/8 grab hook on the end to hook on to the trailer. The webbing is connected to the chain with a heavy duty pear link. The chain anchor winch strap has yellow nylon webbing that has heat seared ends to prevent it from fraying. Rated for 5,000 lbs Working Load / 15,000 lbs Break Strength. Includes a 1 year warranty against Manufacturer defects.

Winch Strap with Chain Anchor
6 lbs
15,000 lb
5,000 lb

Product Features

  • Provides strength and durability for securing loads on flatbed and step deck trailers
  • Heavy duty yellow nylon webbing that's 4" wide
  • G70 forged steel chain with 3/8 grab hook
  • Webbing is heat seared at the end to prevent fraying
  • Pear link connects webbing and steel chain
  • 1 year Manufacturer's warranty against defects

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