Handlebar Switch and Wiring Kit


The hand switch and wiring gives the power from an ATV to the dumping system and brakes of the Bosski 1600 UT pull-behind trailer. The switch is mounted to the handle where it can be accessed without having to get off of the ATV


The ATV wiring kit gives power to the brakes and dumping system of the 1600 UT trailer. The purchase of a Bosski ATV trailer includes wiring that supplies power to the trailer brakes, lights, and the bed dump. If there is more than one ATV that will be pulling a Bosski trailer, an extra wiring kit is needed to swap out the ATV in seconds. A handle-mounted switch allows the user to operate the electric power dump directly from the seat of the ATV while also supplying power to the brakes.

Wiring Kit - Hand switch and wiring that operates the 1600 UT brakes, tail light, and power RAM

Product Features

  • Supplies power to the brakes, tail light, and power RAM dump
  • Handlebar-mounted switch for power RAM dump operation
  • Allows switching out ATVs in seconds


Wiring Diagram

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