Yakima Parts & Accessories

Genuine Yakima rack parts and accessories to upgrade your roof rack, bike rack, and trailer. We have fairings, tie down straps, adapters and more, all built with the quality you expect from Yakima's 35 years of experience.

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Yakima Wheel Fork™ Bike Wheel Rack


Yakima Roof Cargo Basket Net


Yakima Round Crossbar End Caps


Yakima Wind Fairing


Yakima Locking Bracket


LoadWarrior Cargo Basket Stretch Net


LoadWarrior Cargo Basket Extension


Yakima MegaWarrior Stretch Net


Yakima MegaWarrior Extension


Yakima Boat Locker


Yakima DeadLock Bike Cable Lock

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Personalize your Yakima rack with all kinds of accessories. Reduce wind noise with a Yakima rack fairing. Carry more gear with the Yakima Load Warrior Extension or MegaWarrior Extension. Lock your boat up with the BoatLocker. Whatever you want to do with your rack, we have an accessory for it.