Yakima Bike Racks

Bike Racks by Yakima provide optimal carrier solutions for transporting bicycles on a vehicle. With over 30 years of industry design and testing, Yakima strives for the best quality built bike racks, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with every product.

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Yakima Locking BedHead™ Truck Bike Rack


Yakima Locking BlockHead™ Truck Bike Rack


The Yakima Raptor Aero™


Sparetime Spare Tire Bike Rack by Yakima


Yakima Stick Up Bike Carrier


Yakima SuperJoe Pro 2


Yakima SuperJoe Pro 3


Yakima QuickBack 3 Trunk Rack


Yakima Wheel Fork™ Bike Wheel Rack


Yakima HighLite 2™ Bike Rack


Yakima HighLite 3™ Bike Rack

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Yakima is an industry leader for creating safe, functional, and convenient rack products designed to make life easier while transporting extra cargo and equipment with a vehicle. Outdoor enthusiasts agree, Yakima Bike Rack solutions are heavy duty, aesthetically pleasing and innovative. Prepare for the outdoors in style with a Yakima Bike Rack and if there are any other Yakima bike rack products you would like to see here, please let us know!