22,000-lb Capacity Portable Steel Yard Ramp, 37'L x 81-1/2"W
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Steel Yard Ramp & Platform Kit

When you need to unload a truck, trailer or railcar and dock space isn't available, our heavy duty 22,000 lb capacity steel yard ramp is the solution to your problem. Easily movable on solid rubber wheels, each yard ramp includes a dual cylinder hydraulic pump to raise or lower the ramp to the proper loading height. The loading ramp is 37' long and 81-1/2" wide. Two steel 39" long approach ramps ensure a smooth transition from the ground to the ramp. You won't find a higher capacity yard ramp engineered as well as ours at a lower cost!

  • Made from heavy duty steel with 18" solid rubber wheels
  • Includes dual cylinder hydraulic pump to raise and lower ramp
  • 9-3/4' long level off platform integrated into ramp
  • Includes 2 flip plates at top (12" L X 33"W) for smooth transition from ramp
  • 42" to 62" adjustable height
  • 37'L x 81-1/2"W - 22,000 lb capacity
  • Steel mesh expanded surface for superior traction and easy clean up
  • Includes 39"L fold-out approach ramps
  • Includes crank down drop legs for safety and stability
  • Lip Length is 12"

Steel yard ramps are perfect for loading and unloading cargo off of trucks, trailers, railcars, or docks! The steel construction has a weight capacity of 22,000 lbs! Our yard ramp measures 81-1/2 inches in width and 37 feet in length! Featured on each yard ramp is a dual action hydraulic pump which is conveniently stored internally for safety and protection. The hydraulic pump has two double acting hydraulic cylinders which allow for fast, smooth raising and lowering of the yard ramp. Just push the lever forward or back to raise the front and open the release valve to safely lower the ramp into position! Also featured on each yard ramp is a set of 18 inch solid rubber tires. These tires have a standard profile yet never need to be inflated. Now you won't have to worry about running over debris and blowing out a tire while out on the loading grounds! Integrated fork lift cutout in the ramp's base makes it easy to move the yard ramp in or out of place with a fork lift.

The undercarriage of the yard ramp is a tubular steel box assembly for maximum durability and capacity. The bottom surface consists of two reinforced 39" long grated approach ramps for a smooth transition from ground to ramp and fold into the ramp when not in use. The top of the yard ramp has (2) steel transition plates adding an additional foot of length. The rest of the ramp consists of a middle diamond plated strip surrounded by serrated steel grating which allows for snow, dirt, and debris to fall through for self cleaning. (Note: The grated surface of the yard ramp is not designed for forklift turning maneuvers.) 8 inch tall side rails on each side prevent forklifts from driving over the edges. For safety, the yard ramps includes (2) 60" safety chains (1 on each side) which holds the ramp secure to the loading surface. The chains can be attached to a semi-truck trailers ICC bumper to prevent the ramp from kicking out.

Call for a quote on custom ramp applications. We can manufacture any size or weight capacity custom ramp you require!

22,000 lbs
5,717 lbs
Dual Cylinder Hydraulic

Product Features

  • Durable steel construction
  • 22,000 lb Weight capacity
  • 42" to 62" adjustable height w/ 2 transition plates (1'L x 33"W each)
  • 2 Folding diamond plated approach ramps (39"L x 32"W each)
  • (2) Solid 18" rubber tires
  • Dual action hydraulic pump for easy raising and lowering
  • Self cleaning serrated grating surface
  • 37' long "level off" design ( 23' ramp w/ 9.75' level off )
  • Fork Lift cutout in base provides easy maneuverability with a fork lift
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

**Please Note: Make sure that the truck and trailer you are going to use your yard ramp on is stopped and the wheels are chocked before attaching the ramp.**

What type of yard ramps will I need?
When choosing what type of yard ramp you will need you must know the combined weight of your heaviest forklift and the heaviest weight of any load it will carry. This will determine what weight capacity you will need. You will also want to know the width of the widest equipment that will be used on the ramp; the ramp should be 15" wider then the width of that equipment. If you plan on using the yard ramp for railcar use make sure that the ramp is wide enough to prevent the forklift from hitting the ramp curbs when it turns into the railcar. Also measure the railcar door openings to make sure the yard ramp will fit.


How to Select the Right Yard Ramp


Yard Ramp Level Off Diagram
Instruction Manual

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5 Stars review of the rampRYR37-22

Marek from CA wrote (November 05, 2014):

the best recommendation is feedback from my forklift operators. They love it. Only one weak point - steel grading got worn in one spot during 4 year service.