ArcHaus™ ZipperMate Extension

The ZipperMate Extension connects 2 ArcHaus™ tents while keeping the modular function of both. This 18" wide extension increases the living & storage space of the modular tents.



The ZipperMate Extension by Let's Go Aero connects 2 Tentris™ ArcHaus™ modular tents together. The ZipperMate extensions is 18" wide and has zippered sides to connect the 2 ArcHaus™ tents. The ZipperMate extension expands the living & storage space while still allowing all the modular function of the tents including use of door panels, screen room and more. The ZipperMate extension comes in a matching green color.

ArcHaus™ 18" ZipperMate extension & connection option
1 lb

Product Features

  • Connects 2 ArcHaus™ tents together
  • Maintain full use of ArcHaus™ modularity
  • Increases living & storage space
  • Zippered sides to zip to the tent's arc
  • 18" wide
  • Color is matching green


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