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Customer Spotlight
Conquered Trailz

About Conquered Trailz

Conquered Trailz
There are millions and millions of trails out there. Conquered Trailz helps off-roaders be a part of a community.
Erick Miller Conquered Trailz

Erick Miller had a passion for racing cars ever since his youth. He loved the adrenaline, feeling of accomplishment and sense of community. As a way to showcase the racetracks he competed at, he added silhouettes of those racetracks to his cars and tow rigs. After his racing career, Miller later found himself falling in love with off-road vehicles and living in an area where those types of vehicles thrived.

Remembering his love of race track silhouette mementos, he came up with the idea of founding Conquered Trailz. “I took that same idea and applied it to the off-road world.” He wanted to grow the feeling of accomplishment and community available to off-roaders.

It didn’t take long for Miller to make his idea a reality. Using his research, design and marketing skills, he developed vinyl stickers of off-road tracks across the United States. These badges can be collected by off-roaders to remember and display their accomplishments.

As he develops his company, Miller continues to love the opportunity to gather with others and immerse himself in the off-roading community. “I get to talk with people from all around the country and learn about the different trail systems across the US.”

Conquered Trailz is about three years old now. Miller, who has conquered at least 40 trails on his own, greatly enjoys how “every region offers a different type of off-road or scenery experience.” His personal favorite area for adventuring in off-roading vehicles is Moab and in particular the Pritchet Canyon Trail, because of the level of difficulty which provides “a higher sense of accomplishment coming out of it.”

Badges for Off-Roading Vehicles

Black Bear Pass
Moab Rim
Easter Jeep Safari 2016
Pumpkin Patch
Panther Rock #51
Panther Rock #51

There are over 300 trail badges available with many different trails and states to collect and display. Miller designed the collection so that the badges would have a unified shape, and distinguishing background images and trail colors based on the location. The collection continues to grow as trail conquerors request new trail badges to show off their accomplishments.

However, what happens if an off-road vehicle owner hasn’t yet conquered any trails? There’s a badge for that, too!

“It’s an ongoing joke in the off-roading community,” Miller said. The Mall Crawler badge is quite popular as a gag gift for those who aren’t using their off-road vehicles as the rock climbers they are designed to be.

But for those craving to conquer more diverse terrain, Conquered Trailz has a plan. Miller invites off-roaders to participate in its annual Northwest-Washington run August 11 and 12. A campground is set up, Erick Miller provides a tour and then trail conquerors go off-roading together. It is a great opportunity to earn a badge and meet others passionate about off-roading vehicles.

For more information, visit the Conquered Trailz Facebook page.

Mall Crawler
The Mall Crawler badge is quite popular as a gag gift for those who aren’t using their off-road vehicles as the rock climbers they are designed to be.

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