B/A Products 20" 1-Ply Axle Strap with Delta Rings

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  • Wraps around axles/chassis to secure vehicles for transport
  • Manufactured from durable polyester web
  • Includes 2 Delta Ring ends
  • 1-Ply strap is flexible and easy to use
  • 3,300 lbs. working load limit
  • Made in the USA
Item # Number of Items Width Length Work Load Limit Availability Price  
38-57-20 1 Pack 2" 20" 3,300 lbs.
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38-57-20-4 4 Pack 2" 20" 3,300 lbs.
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38-57-20-8 8 Pack 2" 20" 3,300 lbs.
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Manufactured from dense polyester web, this Axle Strap has the same 3,300 lbs. working load limit of nylon, but is thinner, won’t stretch as much, and will stand up better to moisture and acid. Featuring two high-quality Delta Ring Ends, this wraps around the axle or chassis of trucks, cars, tractors and other vehicles to secure them for transport. Web assemblies should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place and cleaned with plain water only, never machine washed.

3,300 lbs.
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