How to Choose the Best Hitch Cargo Carrier

Steel Tray Cargo Carrier - 500 lb CapacityWhether you’ve run out of room or want to free up more space inside your vehicle, hitch cargo carriers are great for hauling extra gear on road trips. Hitch-mounted carriers are available in a wide range of weight capacities and materials, and can accommodate most hitch classes. Below are the most important questions to consider when looking for a hitch-mounted cargo carrier for your vehicle.

What kind of hitch does your vehicle have?

First, confirm that your vehicle has a hitch and determine what type and class it is. Then, make sure that your hitch-mounted carrier matches the type and class of hitch you have. See our article on how to determine which hitch trailer you need for more information.

What type of cargo are you transporting? offers a wide variety of hitch-mounted carriers for transporting all sorts of gear, from cargo carriers that can haul just about anything to motorcycle carriers, motorized wheelchair carriers, and utility cargo carriers designed for specific cargo types. If your cargo has special requirements – such as being able to roll it onto the carrier – you’ll have to take those needs into consideration when choosing the appropriate carrier.

How heavy is your cargo?

While most of our vehicle-mounted carriers are designed to withstand up to 500 lbs, you may be able to save money if you won’t be transporting that much cargo. It’s also important to note that ATV-mounted cargo carriers cannot withstand as much weight as vehicle-mounted carriers for safety reasons.

Do you have the proper equipment to secure your cargo to the carrier?

Once you’ve got your cargo carrier mounted to your vehicle and loaded up with gear, the last thing you want is for your cargo to come loose during transportation and get damaged or become a safety liability. While it may be tempting to use bungee cords, ratchet straps are the safest and most reliable option for securing your cargo. For more information on ratchet straps, please see our page on the basics of tie-down straps.

How often will you use the hitch cargo carrier?

Repeatedly installing and uninstalling your hitch-mounted cargo carrier can be a pain, especially if it is required in order to fit your vehicle into a parking space or garage. Luckily, we offer a Folding Hitch Adapter that installs between the vehicle’s hitch and the cargo carrier to allow your carrier to easily fold up against your vehicle when it is not in use.

If you have any more questions regarding hitch cargo carriers, please feel free to contact us!

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