How To Balance a Motorcycle Tire by Yourself

Having balanced wheels is key to a smooth ride, and balancing your own tires is easy to do from your own garage with a static balancer! For this how-to, we’re using the Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer, item number BW-WB-03.

To begin, ensure your static balancer is properly aligned and level. This particular model features adjustable feet for this purpose.

Once your stand is secure, slide the wheel axle through the center of your motorcycle wheel, then attach the centering cones into place and tighten the set screws. This balancer includes rubber stoppers that need to be inserted onto each end of the wheel rod. These rubber stoppers are important, as they prevent the wheel from moving side to side while using the balancer.

To check the wheel balance, simply turn the wheel 90 degrees in either direction and let go. If your wheel is out of balance, the heavier side will rotate to the bottom.

Once the wheel stops rotating, mark the top side of wheel; this is the light side. Then, add or remove weights to counter balance the wheel.

After you’ve added a small amount of weight, turn the wheel 90 degrees again to check the balance. You know the wheel is balanced when it stays in place on the stand.


Some balancers, including the Black Widow Wheel Balancer and Truing Stand, item number BW-WB-30, include additional hardware to true the wheel.

To start, remove the axle from the wheel and install centering pins. Slide your wheel onto one centering pin and then install the opposite pin. Tighten both, making sure your wheel is centered on the stand. Adjust the truing arm so it’s just shy of actually touching the wheel. Turn the wheel slowly while watching the truing arm. When the truing arm touches the wheel, or appears to drift away, adjust the spokes on the opposite side of the wheel. Continue this process until the wheel remains a consistent distance from the truing arm. Easy and convenient, balancing your wheels is a great DIY project!