Aluminum Bi-Fold ATV Ramp - 5'9" & 5'11" Long

These are our large rung, bifolding ATV ramp systems. The big rungs help traction when loading with these bifolding ATV ramps.

Made in the USA
Item # Length Width Folded
Weight Status Price Quantity
LL42717 71" 42" 21" 19 lbs
LL48697 69" 48" 24" 20 lbs
LL46717 71" 46" 23" 20 lbs
Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


The square tube design bi-folding ATV ramps are designed for today's wider ATVs when loading on short rises. These bifold ATV ramps come in the 69 inch or 71 inch long configurations with three widths to choose from. All these bifolding ATV ramp models work great for loading your 4-wheeler on small or mid sized trucks. The square tube and large rung design allows these ramps to be lightweight and low cost. These bi-fold ramp systems come with some safety straps to help hold the ramp to the tailgate for safe and easy loading.

1,250 lbs.

Product Features

  • 7 inch rung spacing for maximum tire grip
  • Safety straps to secure ramp to tailgate
  • Comes in many different widths to accommodate all ATVs
  • Folds the width in half for easy storage and transport


How to Choose the Correct ATV Ramp

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