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Black Ice Aluminum ATV and Snowmobile Tri-Fold Trailer Ramp


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  • Manufactured from lightweight, high-strength aluminum
  • 54" wide loading surface
  • 1,500 lb. capacity
  • Compact tri-fold design
  • Light assembly required
  • Available with center rung extension for added grip
  • Available with optional Caliber Ramp GRIPS - stud protectors that add traction and prevent damage to the center rungs
Item # Description Length Width Height Weight Maximum Capacity Availability Price  
SNO-TF-7754 Ramp Only 6' 5" 54" 2-3/4" 49 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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SNO-TF-7754-EXT Ramp + Extension 9' 5" 54" 2-3/4" 57 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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SNO-TF-7754-S Ramp + Stud Protectors 6' 5" 54" 2-3/4" 55 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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SNO-TF-7754-EXT-S Ramp + Extension + Stud Protectors 9' 5" 54" 2-3/4" 62 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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Eliminate the need for separate loading ramps for your ATV and snowmobile with the Aluminum Tri-Fold ATV and Snowmobile Ramp. This tri-fold snowmobile ramp is designed to safely load both ATVs and snowmobiles without modification. The lightweight ramp folds up for compact storage in your trailer or pickup truck bed during transportation.

The aluminum ATV and snowmobile ramp makes it easy to load ATVs and snowmobiles – completely eliminating the need for separate loading ramp systems for each powersport vehicle. The ramp features a lightweight, high-strength aluminum frame and durable high-density polyethylene plastic grip glides that accommodate both wide and narrow ski stances and dual runner skis, as well as provide extra traction for loading ATVs. The extra-wide 54" loading surface easily folds down to 17-1/2" wide for compact storage thanks to the system’s lightweight 37 lb. design.

For loading on pavement, ice, or into pickup trucks, a version with a center rung extension helps prevent your track from spinning while your skis are on the runner guides. The extension can be hooked onto different rungs of the snowmobile ramp to accommodate different lengths. Also available with optional Caliber Ramp GRIPS, stud protectors that install over the center rungs, adding traction and preventing damage to the rungs (user installed).

6' 5"
1,500 lbs.
Not recommended for use with studded tracks. This voids warranty.
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