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Posted On: 09/28/2020
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Few things are as enthralling as skimming across the water on a sunny summer day on the back of a jet ski. To keep the fun going all day long and to avoid accidents and injuries, it’s critically important to observe proper jet ski safety rules. From the time you drop your jet ski in the water to the moment it’s loaded back into your trailer, make sure you’re following these 10 safety rules.

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Did you know that snowmobiles are built to federally-mandated noise control standards? This is to protect both humans and animals from the effects of noise pollution.

Noise pollution is a blanket term for problems stemming from loud or disruptive noises—like the roar of an engine in an otherwise soundless area of nature. Stock snowmobiles are designed to keep engine noise to a minimum. This protects wildlife from becoming startled or panicked, which might cause them to injure themselves or flee their habitat. If you’re on a stock sled, you can snowmobile with confidence that you’re not going to cause too much of a ruckus for the local wildlife—especially if you’re just passing through.

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Snowpack is good for snowmobiling. There’s a reason everyone loves to hit the trails after a heavy snowfall! The more snow under your sled, the more fun you’re going to have. More importantly, good snowpack and coverage prevents you and your sled from causing undue environmental damage.

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Snowmobiling without adequate snowpack can damage vegetation. Your track will rip into ground-level vegetation and the weight of your sled will compact surface soil. Most snowmobile manufacturers recommend sledding when there’s at least four inches of snow—six is even better. If you can still see dirt or vegetation, it’s better for the environment that you wait for the next snowfall.

Need more incentive not to sled without proper snow levels? Running your snowmobile on raw ground will cause excessive wear on your track and skis, leading to expensive maintenance! If you want to avoid a replacing the track or taking your snowmobile in for new runners, keep it off of exposed dirt and grass, and on the snow where it belongs.

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