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Wrap Ramps

Wrap Ramps
Trusted and used by some of the industry leaders in wraps, PPF, tinting, and graphics, our wrap ramps will increase productivity and reduce injuries due to strain. The ramps will elevate the vehicle to a better working height that is better for your workers, in addition to providing improved side body access which means fewer ups-and-downs! These ramps are lightweight and portable for in-shop use or on the road, and they have a professional, serious look that will instill confidence in your customers and pride in your employees.

Trusted & used by the industry’s best

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Painting vs Wrapping

Torn on whether to paint or wrap? Maybe this will help:

  • Timing: Painting can take between three days and three weeks depending on how long it will take to remove the old paint, as well as drying times. Wrapping a car shouldn’t take more than three days.
  • Longevity: Painting is permanent. Wraps can last one to two years with proper care.
  • Price: Comparable for quality services! However, if you have an expensive car you can expect a more expensive wrap due to the extra attention that will be paid to the fine details.
  • Maintenance: Wraps are easier to maintain and cleaning simply requires a wipe down with a wet cloth.
  • Imperfections: Wraps tend to highlight scratches and nicks whereas they will be less obvious with paint.

How the Restyler Magna Ramps are a step ahead of the game

  • No piece measures more than 40 pounds
  • Modular center pieces can be pulled out for display or used as steps
  • One end has ramp, the other has a lip to prevent car from rolling off
  • Invisible built-in steel strips can hold magnetic tools or a magnetic shelf
  • Lift vehicles up an additional 14 inches for better accessibility