Magliner Aluminum Hand Truck with Extruded 18"x9" Aluminum Nose and 10" Microcellular Wheels

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 500 lb. Weight capacity
  • Modular design with replaceable components for extended life
  • Tri-lobular thread-locking screws exceed IFI locking standards
  • 52" Vertical loop handle, extruded aluminum nose
  • 10" Microcellular wheels with a one-piece steel hub
  • Ships ready to assemble

Easily transport goods and appliances with the Magliner Aluminum Hand Truck with an Extruded Aluminum Nose and Microcellular Wheels. This hand truck is manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum and comes with a 500 lb. weight capacity. The 39"H frame has straight 1-1/2" aluminum cross-braces, topped with a 52" vertical loop handle. The vertical handle is ideal for pivoting the handle in situations where space is limited, like a tight landing or corner. The extruded aluminum nose measures 18" wide by 9" deep. The 10" diameter microcellular wheels are 3-1/2" wide and are puncture-resistant and non-marking. The hub is one-piece steel with semi-precision bearings for smoother movement. Every part of this truck is designed to be modular, making it easy to upgrade or replace parts if your needs change over time. The tri-lobular thread-locking screws used as fasteners for this truck exceed the IFI (Industrial Fastener Institute) locking standards because of their extreme resistance to vibrational loosening. This hand truck ships ready to assemble.

500 lbs.
25 lbs.
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