Marine Cooler Mounting Kit

Ships today!
  • Secure cooler or other boxy gear in place to keep boat deck organized
  • Four corner braces mount to deck
  • Includes two bungee cords
  • Fits any size cooler

The cooler tie down kit helps boaters keep coolers or other blocky objects in place while out on the open water. The cooler mounting kit is a set of four plastic corner braces and two bungee cords. The set takes up the smallest possible space when securing coolers or other blocky items to marine vessels. The boat cooler mount is lightweight and can be mounted to fit any size cooler. Each corner brace has three pre-drilled screw holes and two triangular anchors that help secure objects. The anchors act as tie down points for the two included bungee cords. The bungee cord, or shock cords, have two plastic hook ends that attach to the traingular anchors while a center stainless steel hook attaches to coolers with a looping anchor point. If the cooler doesn't have an anchor loop, the bungee cord simply wraps around a handle. Screws are not included as a variety of hardware may be applied depending on the type of boat. Installation requires drilling the floorboard or other sturdy surfaces.

1 lbs.
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