Black Widow Steel Cruiser Jack - 1,000 lb Capacity

The Black Widow cruiser stand lifts either end of your motorcycle for immediate servicing, maintenance or storage. The 1,000 lb capacity supports Harleys, Yamahas and many other cruiser style bikes. An extra long 45" removable handle provides the needed leverage to jack up your bike in seconds. More
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1 Year Warranty

The Black Widow cruiser stand lifts either end of your motorcycle for immediate servicing, maintenance or storage. The 1,000 lb capacity supports Harleys, Yamahas and many other cruiser style bikes. An extra long 45" removable handle provides the needed leverage to jack up your bike in seconds.

  • Lifts cruisers up to 1,000 lbs from flat center frame
  • Sturdy steel construction with powder coat finish
  • 20" wide lift bar wrapped in clear rubber
  • Lift bar adjusts from 7-1/4" to 10" high
  • Extra long 45" removable handle


Lift either end of your cruiser for front/rear wheel service, maintenance and more! The Black Widow Cruiser Center Stand is ideal for most Harley's, cruisers and other bikes with a flat center frame. Extra long handle provides essential leverage for the lifting process.


The Black Widow Motorcycle Center Jack quickly lifts cruiser style bikes (Harley's, Yamaha's, Kawasaki's and more) from the center frame. Depending on placement, the cruiser stand elevates the front or rear tire (NOT both at the same time) for servicing, maintenance and storage. The lift bar has multiple adjustable positions from 7¼" to 10" high (ground clearance) with an extra wide 20" width and is wrapped in clear rubber protecting your bike against scratches during use. 45" Long steel removable handle provides essential leverage for lifting up the bike and can be used on either side of the lift. Once the motorcycle is elevated remove the handle to clear up space in your work area. The center jack features a 1,000 lb load capacity and a black powder coat finish for performance and longevity. Quickly and easily elevate the front or rear wheel of your cruiser with the Black Widow Motorcycle Center Stand! Includes a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Black Widow Adjustable Center Stand - Depending on placement, lift up the rear or front end of a cruiser style motorcycle
1,000 lbs.


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 28 Reviews)


5 Stars Great, inexpensive lift for your motorcycle!

Dwain from WA wrote (August 29, 2015):

I bought this item for use on my T100 Bonneville. It is a convenient way to service your front and rear wheels as well as the chain. Works easily and doesn't take up a lot of space. Delivery was swift and service was excellent!

5 Stars Black Widow Cruiser Lift

Jim from KY wrote (July 23, 2015):

Shipping was very fast. The lift is fairly light weight but is very sturdy. I'm very pleased with it. The handle is a little longer to provide extra leverage for raising the old HOG plus it can be removed or used on either side. The rubber covering on the cross bar keeps the frame paint from getting scratched during the lifting process. I replaced the bolts with 5/16"x1 3/4" locking clevis pins so I don't need a wrench every time I want to take it apart for storage or to change the lift height. Very nice product Discount Ramps! Thanks!

5 Stars Great Jack

Tim from ME wrote (July 19, 2015):

Great Jack or lift easy to assemble! Very rugged construction. Works great!!! Fast Sipping as well...

5 Stars Excellent product

David Fife from UT wrote (July 18, 2015):

Very easy to install, within minutes of receiving it I had my motorcycle up off the ground. The most surprising thing was how sturdy the bike is. The lift is built well and should last a long time. I'm very pleased with the price. Would recommend to anyone.

5 Stars black widow center stand

John from MO wrote (July 15, 2015):

just as advertized, got here very fast it works just fine.

5 Stars What a lift

Tracey Mack from MO wrote (June 28, 2015):

This is an excellent product and a great price. The quality is more than what I paid for. Handles my cruiser with ease. Delivery was fast as a blink.

5 Stars Easy To Use

Kevin from IN wrote (June 28, 2015):

I bought this stand to use to set up my Cushman Eagle at shows. I could not believe how easy it is to use as well as how sturdy my bike is while setting on it. I will recomend it to others at the shows and will be buying another for my other Cushman and for any that I aquire in the future.

5 Stars Black Widow Stand

Ian from OR wrote (June 19, 2015):

Received in the mail. When my new chain arrived, I assembled it. I promptly used it to lift the rear wheel off the ground with ease then did the job I had set out to do. It lifted and lowered my Honda Rebel with ease. Would recommend to a friend.

5 Stars Does what it says it will

Wayne from WI wrote (June 17, 2015):

I bought this lift with one purpose in mind, to get the rear tire of my 2014 Triumph America LT off the ground for chain maintenance and cleaning. It's nothing fancy but it does what it claims it will. 15 minutes after the box arrived I had my bike in the air. It's rock solid too. Well worth the price. I'd recommend it to a friend.

5 Stars Outstanding stand

James Witt from TX wrote (June 10, 2015):

This is my third type stand i have tried for my 2009 Streetglide and i have to say it is the best stand i have bought. It was easy to assemble and super easy to use it lifted my hog with easy and lowering was just as easy. this is the best jack for the money it will be the only one i use on my bike. Changing oil was never this easy. GET ONE you will not regret it. Very good to use when washing and getting to the hard spots and the rims supper easy with this what i call wonder jack.

5 Stars Great Quality for Low Price

Dan Klaver from MN wrote (May 07, 2015):

I bought this lift because I wanted some sort of center stand for working on my Honda Shadow VLX 600 that was low in price, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, and ease of use this ramp provides. The item arrived 3 days before I expected. All around great quality for a very reasonable price.

5 Stars Height Adjustable Cruiser Lift

Spud from TX wrote (April 27, 2015):

Was concerned about buying online but it was Excellent. I am very satisfied. Does exaltedly what is supposed to do. I would recommend it. I have a 1971 Triumph Bonneville.6

5 Stars Great Product

Dave D. from TX wrote (April 24, 2015):

I own a 2009 Triumph America and have been looking for something to raise the bike to lube the chain and clean the rear wheel without spending a lot of money. This stand is perfect. It was delivered promptly and in good condition. It lifted the rear wheel easily without the assistance of another person. Definately recommend this to others.

5 Stars Black Widow Center stand

Richard from CT wrote (April 16, 2015):

I received my center stand sooner than expected and used it right away. It worked great. I am 71 and had no trouble lifting my 2013 Heritage Softail. Makes it easy to clean wheels or check tire pressure. Much easier than dragging out the M/C jack.

5 Stars Great Product!

Tony from GA wrote (April 15, 2015):

This lift is well made, very easy to use, and convenient to store when not in use. Would recommend Discount Ramps to anyone, for the quality and value, and also for the extremely fast shipping. No problems from this end!

5 Stars black widow cruiser jack

merle from PA wrote (April 15, 2015):

i just received my jack and put it together in about 15 minutes. tried it on my bike and it worked like a charm. very happy with it !!!!!

5 Stars Black Widow

Mark from MA wrote (April 14, 2015):

This product is exactly what I have been looking for. An easy way to lift my bike. It is that and it works great. My friend had a similar product but the decal was worn off of it so I had to search to find this one. The one he has was discontinued for some reason I couldn't figure out why. Glad I found this one as it works on all 3 of my motorcycles. I would definitely recommend this great lift.

4 Stars Great Basic Jack

Louis from CA wrote (April 10, 2015):

This is your basic quick and dirty jack. For my little 600 Shadow it is perfect. Quick and easy with a solid base. For larger bikes I still prefer hydraulic but for my daily ride this thing has saved my butt repeatedly and at $40 is a great deal/tool!

5 Stars Awesome product!

Chris from IA wrote (March 29, 2015):

I am very pleased with this lift! It is very sturdy and an easy one-person operation with my 2009 Triumph America. Highly recommend.

5 Stars Amazing

Manni Dwyer from TX wrote (March 20, 2015):

I have a Road King Classic and cleaning the spoked rims is difficult.I also did not want to spend over a hundred dollars for a lift just to clean the rims. This product does what I need, lifts the rims so I can clean away to my hearts content. Ordering was a breeze, product arrived way before I expected.- Thanks

5 Stars This is easy and convenient

Travis from WA wrote (March 11, 2015):

This is an easy jack when you don't want to use a hydraulic jack. Positioning under the bike frame, you lever it over so that either the rear or front wheel are up. What I really like about this (as opposed to the other lever jack I used to have) is that it is ambidextrous and you can remove the lever once the bike is on the stand. Very easy to use and convenient!

5 Stars Lifted!

DL from MA wrote (January 20, 2015):

Extremely easy and simple in every way -- assembling, using it, and even storing it away.


Donald from CA wrote (December 15, 2014):

Lift is heavy gauge steel, nicely welded and comes complete and is easy to assemble. In addition to it's easy and efficient operation, the lift takes up little to no room inside my already cramped garage. This lift works perfectly on my 2013 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Cruiser which weighs about 750lbs. I am happy I have an easy way to lift my bike to adjust the belt, drain oil and adjust front forks when needed and to check wheel bearings, pulleys, etc. Big lift in a small package. Was delivered to California in less than a week including a week-end. Thank you Discount Ramps.

5 Stars Bike Lift

Ed from FL wrote (November 01, 2014):

This product is easy to assemble and use, it is compact and takes very little space to store.

5 Stars Why didn't I think of this...

Wild Hog from FL wrote (October 09, 2014):

Simplest, quickest, cheapest and best way to lift a Bike. In less than 5 minutes I had it assembled and up goes my Honda VTX. Solid, sturdy and very good quality. Don't waste your money on anything else, IT WORKS.

5 Stars Does just what I need and requires very little effort to lift the bike.

Rob from CA wrote (September 30, 2014):

I was running out of options to lift the rear wheel on my new 2014 Triumph America LT (865 c.c.) for chain maintenance and wheel cleaning. Due to the long exhaust pipes, the fixed panniers (saddle-bags), the low-lying, frame-hugging hydraulic brake lines and the emissions equipment stowed between the frame rails I couldn't find anything to lift the bike that wouldn't squish something under there and that would fit under it. I looked at rear stands, hydraulic lifts, scissor-type jacks, but nothing seemed like it would work in the very limited spaces available (other than a very expensive center stand attached to the bike). Then I came across this simple, inexpensive device. It's low enough (tilted) to fit under my bike and as it only has two points of contact with the bike (one on each frame rail), you can find somewhere to lift from that won't squish anything. I was worried that it might not work with the Triumph large leather panniers that are on my bike, however, with it's 20" cross-bar, it can be positioned so that the lever clears the (wide) bags. It's pretty solid, seems well-made, lifts my bike with very little effort, and I can put the bike up on it single-handed.

5 Stars cruiser stand

Donald Gould from FL wrote (September 29, 2014):

Best money I have spent on equipment. Price was low and 5 minutes after I opened the box my Triumph America was airborne. Safe and easy to use. Very good quality. I could not be more pleased.

5 Stars Black Widow Lift

Dave from LA wrote (September 28, 2014):

This lift works exactly as advertised and is well worth the money. I have a regular roll-around lift but it limits access to underneath the bike. I used the Black Widow Lift on my lowered '09 Ultra to do an oil change and it worked perfectly. I recommend having one person hold the bike upright and the other use the lift, though. It's a bit tricky trying to do it alone, especially when removing the lift.

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