Kill Shot Game Cart Replacement Wheel

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  • Durable solid rubber tire
  • Steel rim and spokes
  • Fits onto 3/4" axle

This 18-1/2" diameter wheel can be used as a replacement for the Kill Shot game cart or for your own do-it-yourself game cart. Fitting 3/4" axles, this wheel has a steel rim and spokes with a solid rubber tire for easy maneuvering over rough terrain. Replace a worn or damaged game cart wheel with the Kill Shot replacement wheel. Hardware not included.

The Deer Cart Replacement Wheel fits onto the Kill Shot Game Cart, replacing a worn or damaged wheel. It can also be used for do-it-yourself game carts, fitting onto a 3/4" axle. The wheel features a steel rim with steel spokes and a solid rubber tire that won't go flat. Its 18-1/2" diameter allows it to move easily over rough terrain. The deer cart wheel includes the rim and tire only; hardware is not included.

7 lbs.
250 lbs.
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