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Pet Strollers / Pet Trailers

Our pet strollers are engineered to work for almost any small pet! These strollers will keep your dog or cat as pampered as possible, and work great for any small pet that may have a disability or injury that restricts their ability to walk.

Pet strollers and trailers are the perfect solution for pet parents who are looking for ways to bring their furry companion with them wherever they go. Discount Ramps carries a wide variety of strollers and trailers for any adventure!

To ensure you find the best option for both you and your pet, we've put together this convenient guide to help you pick the stroller or trailer that best suits your needs.

Questions to Consider

What size pet do you have? Will you be transporting multiple pets?

Strollers and trailers come with various weight capacities. Before you purchase one, make sure you know how much your pet(s) weigh to ensure their safety while using the stroller.

Where will you be going?

It is important to consider where you will be going and what you're going to be doing with the stroller. Some strollers and trailers are meant for riding over rough terrain, while others are perfect for airports and walks around the block.

What other features are important to you?

Most strollers and trailers come with room for storing additional items like doggy bags, toys, and treats, but some come with cup holders as well as room for additional purses and bags.

Types of Pet Strollers and Trailers

3-Wheel Strollers

Three wheel pet stroller

Easy to maneuver and perfect for going over rough terrain, 3-wheel strollers are ideal for active pet lovers. Excellent for jogging in the park or over trails, 3-wheel strollers will let you bring your pet with and keep them from wearing out too fast while you're exercising. These strollers usually have a lighter weight capacity than 4-wheel strollers and are best suited for pets smaller than 25-lbs.

4-Wheel Strollers

Four wheel pet stroller

Not quite as easy to maneuver as a 3-wheel stroller, some pet owners prefer 4-wheel strollers for the added stability provided by the fourth wheel. These strollers are better for owners with larger or multiple pets, as they often provide more room and have larger weight capacities.

Bicycle Trailer/Stroller Combinations

Dog bike trailer

Roomy, breathable, and versatile, bike trailers give your pet the chance to go on bike rides with you! Accommodating smaller animals to pets over 100-lbs, these trailers can either hook to the back of your bicycle, or be converted into strollers for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or through the park. Many of these products have different weight capacities depending on whether they are being used as a trailer or stroller, so be sure your pet meets both weight requirements!