Folding Pet Stroller

The folding pet stroller lets you take your young, older or disabled pet on brisk walks. The spacious, water-resistant, enclosure comfortably fits pets up to 24 lbs, and the removable bottom pad can be washed to further pamper your pet. This pet stroller folds for compact storage allowing you to take it anywhere you and your four legged friend go.

  • Folding frame design for compact storage
  • Water-resistant enclosure
  • Removable bottom pad is washable
  • Dual locking rear wheels
  • Spring assisted front wheels for rough terrain
  • Top can be rolled back or closed
  • Comes in blue or pink in large or small sizes
1 Year Warranty
Item # Description Inside Length Inside Width Inside Height Color Status Price Quantity
PET-STR-1S Small Folding Pet Stroller 21" 14" 17"
Originally $57.99
Sale $47.99
Save $10.00

PET-STR-1L Large Folding Pet Stroller 24" 17" 19"
Originally $67.99
Sale $57.99
Save $10.00


This dog stroller is one of the easiest strollers to fold up and re-open.


The new folding pet stroller goes anywhere, with a spacious enclosure for your pet, easy to fold frame for compact travel storage, and dual wheel locks. Our new dog stroller comes in two sizes and colors, with pink and blue enclosure sizes of 23" long x 16" wide x 19-1/2" high for the large and 21" long x 14" wide x 17" high for the small. The back half of the 98% removable top is made of a water-resistant material and the front half, a mesh screen. The screen unzips almost all of the way except for an inch of fabric that keeps it attached.

The bottom half of this pet stroller has a sturdy nylon fabric with mesh wrapping around the rest of the enclosure. The whole enclosure can be taken apart and the fabric can be stripped off its frame for cleaning. Four Velcro straps on the bottom of the enclosure secure it to the pet stroller frame. The frame folds up with a pull of two plastic tabs. The comfortable hollowed rubber grip won't hurt your hands after a long day of use. Two locking rear wheels ensure the stroller won't go anywhere and the spring assisted front wheels aid in going over rough terrain. The large strollers come with black wheels, while the small strollers come with white wheels. The folding pet strollers come with a one year warranty.

Additional Folding Pet Stroller Dimensions
Item #LengthWidthHeightWheel DiameterWeight CapacityWeight
PET-STR-1S30-1/2"19-1/4"35-1/4"5-1/4" (Back Wheel)
4-1/2" (Front Wheel)
24 lbs8 lbs
PET-STR-1L31"21"38"6" (Back Wheel)
5-1/4" (Front Wheel)
24 lbs10 lbs

Product Features

  • Sturdy folding frame design with a roomy detaching pet enclosure
  • Stylish water-resistant enclosure works well in sun or rain
  • Secure and comfortable for your dog, cat, or other pet
  • Pet Stroller can have the top rolled back or closed
  • Removable, washable bottom pad in case of an accident
  • The stroller features a comfortable grip bar, quick release to fold up, and rear wheel brakes
  • 24 lb weight capacity
  • Available in Blue or Pink in Large or Small
  • Dense foam wheels with plastic rims
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 23 Reviews)


5 Stars Great stroller for a senior dog

Susan from NE wrote (October 23, 2017):

We got this for our 13-yr-old corgi who has lost the use of her back legs. She has a wheelchair, but it is getting hard for her to go very far at all. With the stroller, she is the same height as our other two dogs and feels like she is on the walk with them rather than trailing behind. The large size works great for her--she can see everything going on and is all smiles!

5 Stars Better than expected

Kathleen from PA wrote (August 19, 2017):

Wheels easily. I like that the seating area is low to the ground. We bot the small--- Our dog ( at 20 lbs) may be a little too tall when she sits up, but she zips in okay, enjoys the ride. Product could be improved with a little longer handle.

5 Stars Perfect stroller for my Yorkie

Linda from TX wrote (November 02, 2016):

My Yorkie will not leave my side. I need to exercise so I bought this stroller so we can walk together. It was very easy to assemble and it is perfect for her since I ordered the small one. Love the look and she loves it too. Wheels, everything work great. And, with the net in front I can zip it in case she wants to jump out to meet the neighbor dogs. LOVE IT!

5 Stars Great Pet Stroller

Diane from CA wrote (October 08, 2016):

I love this stroller. My dog is just under 11 pounds and she is 15 years old. She is getting a bit frail and cannot walk like she used to but still loves to be outdoors. I was afraid she would not like to be in a stroller but I found that she really likes it. It is long enough as not to crowd her and the netting zips right over her keeping her inside and safe. She has a lot of visibility and can see out very well. The stroller is lightweight and easy to handle. It is the perfect solution for us.

5 Stars This stroller is the answer to my problem!

Katrina from MS wrote (September 24, 2016):

I adopted a cat last year who was very skinny...he was only about 4 months old but had obviously been outside fending for himself for quite some time. He has wanted to go outside but we live on a busy street and I have been afraid he might get hit by a car. I saw some pet strollers at a large pet store but they were all much too expensive for me to afford. This one is reasonably priced and very well made and Stanley (my cat) loves being able to go outside and I feel secure in the knowledge that he is safe. It's also large enough for my 10 1/2 yr old miniature dachshund to ride in. I know some people may think putting a cat in a stroller is silly but I love it! Thanks for such a great product!

5 Stars Great pet stroller

Linda Ellis from DE wrote (July 08, 2016):

The stroller is great!

5 Stars Simply Perfect for Me

Billie from OH wrote (February 02, 2016):

I bought this particular stroller for it's simplicity and price point - no bells and whistles, just an easy-to-assemble product that exactly fits my needs for my cat. I bought the small - it was delivered very quickly, and I assembled it all by myself in about five minutes (which is saying ALOT). Highly recommend.

5 Stars Great Value!

JoAnn from FL wrote (December 12, 2015):

Love this stroller. I don't need all the compartments and cup holders that all the other stroller have and don't want to spend the extra money for it either. I really like the length of the cabin area....very roomy for my 18 year old Pekingese.

5 Stars Wonderful Stroller

Janet from AZ wrote (December 05, 2015):

I bought this stroller five years ago. I use it every day, (sometimes twice a day). It's easy to set up and take down and it's absolutely wonderful. I have an older Cavalier King Charles that can't walk quite as far as my other dogs, because of arthritis. This stroller has been a life saver and allowed him to go on walks with the rest of the family. I would highly recommend it. I am about to purchase a second one because we have literally worn the wheels off the one we have. I love the fact that he can lay down and see out through the mesh and he doesn't have to sit upright while we're walking.

5 Stars Pet stroller

Wendy from NY wrote (October 16, 2015):

Just got it..Received in 3 days. Easy to put together..Very happy with the product. Nice and roomy and safe for my dog.

5 Stars Small Blue Folding pet stroller

Angie from TX wrote (September 30, 2015):

Just received the pet stroller yesterday. I had my Shitzu, Rocky, try it out. Once inside he relaxed and was lying down on his side. Definitely a positive sign he liked it. We went out for our daily walk and it appeared he enjoyed this like at no other time.

4 Stars great deal for the price

Tiffanie Roberts from GA wrote (August 07, 2015):

I was pleasantly surprised when I received product how nice it is! The craftsmenship of product is well thought out.

5 Stars pet stroller

marian from OH wrote (July 29, 2015):

We absolutely love it! And our mini dachshund is thrilled. He likes to go, and this way he is with us almost always. When we take him out of the stroller, he wants to get back in. And my husband was afraid it would be too short for him to push. But it worked out just fine for him. He is about 5'9".

5 Stars Blue Folding pet stroller

Joan from SC wrote (July 17, 2015):

I love the Pet Stroller and so does my dog. It was very easy to put together and has plenty of room for my Dog. Will be great for traveling, going to festivals and anywhere I want to take my dog.

5 Stars Lap of Luxury (at a value!)

Sandy from FL wrote (June 24, 2015):

Ordered the large size for my two cats - now they will travel to the vet in comfort and safety, and be wheeled in in style like two pampered Princes , not jostled around in a hard sided carrier. Much easier for one person to handle if need be. This is a good stroller for the occasional vet visits - it folds up for easy storage - and as an added bonus - the price point was right-on!!

5 Stars When we received it, It was much better than that we are expected. Money worth.

Noriko from OR wrote (June 14, 2015):

My dog like to sit in the stroller & he can see 7 & smell everything outside because of net. I put the blanket to keep him warm. He seems like very comfortable in there. This is a second days of usages. My husband & I like it so far. We walked more than 4 miles so I'm very curious how long the tires will be last. My dog weighted 10 to 11 pounds. I wish the handle is little more longer or you can extension it so that I have to bend all the way.But overall it is good!

5 Stars I loved this stroller

anonymous from ID wrote (June 13, 2015):

I purchased this stroller for my dog before she passed as she was too ill to walk and loved to be outside. I gave it away after she passed away because it was too painful to have. I loved everything about this stroller and am buying another one for my kitten.


Fay from FL wrote (February 27, 2015):

I've tried harnesses which he won't wear and decided, after seeing a dog in a carriage at the pet store, I would try to find one for my cat! He wants to go out but isn't allowed by my HOA to roam free, and it isn't safe! He absolutely LOVES his carriage and from day one has jumped in all by himself, ready to be safely zipped in for a nice long walk. We go to the lake, see the ducks and water and other sights he would never otherwise be able to see. The fresh air and sunshine is good for both of us and his companionship on my walks is wonderful! I would recommend this carriage to anyone with a cat, bunny or small dog who wants to take their pet with them safely outdoors. Wonderful for older pets who can't walk for long distances or ill pets who still need fresh air and sun. The mesh cover is sturdy and keeps the bugs out, too! Do yourself and your pet a favor and get one. It is very sturdy and super easy to put together. My Bogart and I LOVE it!

4 Stars Nice stroller for the price

Phil Hammett from NC wrote (February 05, 2015):

I have a 15 pound Jack Russell and she fits fine in the small stroller. If your dog weighs over this, get the larger one. I hoped that the stroller would fold without removing the fabric compartment, but this is not the case, so it will be a hassle to fold and unfold, as it must be unassembled/re-assembled. Hoped for some sort of hook inside to attach a safety lead to, but none there, so watch your dog when canopy is unzipped. Other than that, I look forward to trying it out soon.

4 Stars Almost Perfect

Jeannie from NM wrote (October 25, 2014):

I have had my large stroller for 2+ years, use it every day when I walk 2-3 miles, and I am very happy with it, and my cats love it. I got the large size because of the bigger wheels which are much easier for the desert southwest sand and gravel areas. The size and price were right. I would prefer 2 changes 1) a place for storage of items if I shop or want to carry water 2) an adjustable handle height, this one leaves my shoulders pushed up and it's uncomfortable on long walks.

4 Stars pet stroller

jetta from IN wrote (October 21, 2014):

Seems to be constructed well. Easy to put together. We go to a lot of flea markets in Florida and it will really be used. Even if we purchased another pet the size we have now it will still work because of the room it has.

4 Stars Suggestions for improvement

Rodric from FL wrote (October 15, 2014):

The device itself is really nice and well constructed. My only complaint is that the instructions to construct and to fold the stroller are terrible. You keep referring to parts by name, but there is no index of what the parts or devices are. Folding it instructions are really confusing.

5 Stars large folding blue dog stroller

Sandra J. Owens from MO wrote (September 26, 2014):

Both my Chihuahua dogs fit well in the large stroller for a dog festival that we will be going to. They are very small dogs and we needed a stroller that we could take them to the festival without being stepped on by large dogs or crowds of people. We can still take them out of it to walk around and go potty but can feel secure putting them back in the stroller when we get in large crowds. Also large dogs cannot come up and maybe bite at them. The only thing that we thought it might have is a separate carrier to put a purse or bag in. We thought it had that but otherwise we are very happy with this stroller.

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