Elite 2-Person Survival Kit by Guardian Survival Gear

The elite disaster kit supplies two people with the needed resources to survive for 72 hours. The bug out bag supplies are enough to last three days without access to readily available resources. More

The elite disaster kit supplies two people with the needed resources to survive for 72 hours. The bug out bag supplies are enough to last three days without access to readily available resources.


No one knows when natural disasters or even attacks will occur, so it is always a good idea to be prepared. The survival pack from Guardian Survival Gear offers supplies for two people to last 72 hours. All of the materials are part of a guideline that is supplied by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. All of the items are packed into a hiker's backpack with extra room and pockets for personal items.

Food & Water
The most vital thing needed in disaster situations is food and water. In the hikers backpack are 12 pouches that contain 4.25 fl oz of filtered water. With the water packs are 20 tablets that help purify water that may be questionable in quality. Each tablet can purify up to 1 liter of water. There are 12 individually wrapped food bars that contain 400 Calories each for a total of 4,800 calories. All of the packaging is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard while the contents have a shelf life of 3-5 years. All food and water supplies satisfy the needed nutrition to last three days.

Light & Communication
Whenever power outages occur, it is important to remain in contact with others. An AM/FM radio can be used to find out when or if relief will arrive. The radio comes with a set of batteries and ear-bud headphones. Being able to see at night is also pretty important when predators could be lurking in the shadows. The LED flashlight is charged by squeezing the handle where it stores its own power. The flashlight was designed as a stress reliever as it has been found that people squeeze objects as a form of therapy during stressful situations. Another form of lighting comes in a 30 hour candle. An adjustable wick allows you to turn the candle into a mini stove to cook raw food.

A glow stick is also included that lasts for 12 hours, or a long night. A nifty little tool that is supplied in the disaster kit is the 5-in-1 whistle. The whistle itself can create a sound that travels over a mile. A compass with a threaded end is attached to the opposite end of the whistle and helps lead people in the right direction. If the compass is unscrewed, a watertight compartment is revealed that can hold extra matches or other smaller items. The underside of the compass cap contains a mirror that is used for signaling possible rescuers.

A waterproof box of matches is included to help start a fire even in damp or wet areas. A fire is always one of the best ways to stay warm, so a flint starter was installed on the side of the flashlight. It is used to create sparks and eventually fires when they ignite the gathered kindling.

Shelter & Warmth
The weather can be brutal when it comes to rain, snow, or wind, so it's always best to be prepared for the worst. Two mylar sleeping bags, or space blankets, are provided to keep warm during the cold weather. The mylar bags knock down the wind and repel rain while also retaining 90% of the emitted body heat. There are no openings at the bottoms where most heat is lost in regular sleeping bags. Two body warmers are also provided that are capable of heating up to 150° and averages a temperature of 130°. The air activated body warmers are placed inside of the sleeping bags or clothes (Not directly to the skin) to keep you warm even during the cold winter nights. Two hooded ponchos are also available to help stay dry during the rain.

All provided ponchos are one size fits all. One of the most important items to have during disaster situations are shelters. A two person tube tent blocks the wind and rain and sets up in just minutes. A durable rope is tied to two tree trunks and runs through the top portion of the tent to keep a roof over your head.

A multi-functional knife provides you with 16 functions for 16 different occasions that may arise. Included in the knife is a can opener, a cork screw, a reamer, manicure blade, sturdy reamer, Phillips screwdriver, hook disgorger, flathead screwdriver, key ring, a toothpick, fish scaler, tweezers, wood/rope saw, scissors, a cutting blade, and a cap lifter. The amount of tools in the knife alone allow you to get through most obstacles. It is important to protect your hands whenever you are working with sharp or pointy items, so a pair of leather gloves are provided to keep your hands, the most used tool, cut and splinter free.

Two respirator masks are provided in the case of smoke or ash from wildfires. Both masks are NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved and used to filter out harmful chemicals or ash. Saftey goggles are included to help protect your eyes while working on small projects that might produce debris. A 50 ft. nylon rope is provided in times when you are forced to climb or repel steep cliff sides or buildings. A sewing kit is also loaded into the backpack to let you repair holes torn in clothing or the provided equipment.

Hygiene & Sanitation
Two kits are packed with 24 pieces of hygiene equipment that help ward off infection and disease. The hygiene kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, 9 wet naps, a bar of soap, .34 oz of shampoo and conditioner, a dental floss pick, .25 oz of hand and body lotion. deodorant gel, a twin blade razor, a 5" black comb, 4 maxi-pads, a shaving cream packet, and washcloths.

A 65 piece first aid kit gives you relieve from minor injuries such as cuts, burns, aches, and rashes. An infectious waste bag lets you dispose of harmful material.

Disaster situations can sometimes call for a lot of down time. When waiting for help to arrive, entertainment can be a way to prevent boredom. A golf pencil and notepad lets you draw or write down your thoughts while a deck of playing cards can be used to pass the time.

Elite Survival Pack - A 72-hour emergency kit for two people packed with survival items from government agency and non-profit preparedness organization guidelines
16 lbs

Product Features

  • 4oz water pouches (24)
  • 400 calorie food bars (12)
  • 20 water purification tablets (1 liter of water per tablet)
  • 30 hour candle
  • 12 hour glow stick
  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
  • Box of waterproof matches
  • 2 Survival sleeping bags
  • Dual 16 hour body warmer
  • 2 person tube tent
  • 2 Hooded ponchos
  • 16 function knife
  • Pair leather palm work gloves
  • 2 N95 NIOSH dust masks
  • 50' nylon rope
  • Safety goggles
  • Sewing Kit
  • Infectious waste bag
  • Two 24 piece hygiene kits
  • 6 pocket tissue packs
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Golf Pencil and notepad
  • 65 piece first aid kit


Emergency Contact Locations and Phone Numbers by State
Emergency Contact Card
Preparedness Checklist
Fire Drill Instructions


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