2-Cord Floor Cable Cover for 3/8" Diameter Cables

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  • Protects wires and electrical cords up to 3/8" in outside diameter
  • Manufactured from durable rubber and weighs 20 lbs.
  • Best suited for light foot traffic and cable organization
  • Includes 2 channels to easily manage multiple cables and wires
  • Can be easily cut down to desired lengths
  • Designed to meet office and residential cable management needs and reduce trip hazards
  • Slit on the underside to easily insert cords

Clean up cord clutter, minimize tripping hazards, and reduce damage to 0.375" diameter cables around the home or workplace with this flexible PVC floor cord protector. Designed to fit up to two cables in the center channel, this cable concealer is 29.5' long, but it can be cut with scissors or a utility knife to fit custom applications.

This flexible PVC floor cord protector prevents cords and cables running along the floor from getting tangle or damaged and helps to minimize tripping hazards. This cable concealer comes in a 29.5' coil that can be cut with scissors or a utility knife to fit custom applications. A slit on the underside of the power cord cover makes it easy to insert up to two cords into the 0.875" wide by 0.375" high center channel. After unrolling the coil, you may need to place heavy objects on the cable concealer for a while to allow it to lay flat. The floor cord protector is covered by a one-year warranty.

20 lbs.
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