Outboard Motor Cart With Folding Handle

Don't risk carrying a bulky, heavy outboard motor to your shop or storage shed by hand when you need to do maintenance or repairs! Move your boat motor with ease using this outboard motor cart with pneumatic wheels to cover bumpy terrain, and fold down the handle when stowing the motor away for the off-season. The outboard motor cart comes in three styles that carry 85 to 315 lbs.

  • Sturdy 1" steel tube construction
  • Pneumatic tires for easy mobility
  • Handle folds down for lower profile storage
  • Solid 1-1/2" thick hanger block for resting the motor resists oil and gas
  • Mid-size model includes rack with strap for boat's gas can
  • Largest model has two front casters for more precise maneuvering
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Width Height Overall
Status Price Quantity
OMC-F85 20" 25" 43" 85 lbs
OMC-F130 29" 24" 40" 130 lbs
OMC-F315 33" 28" 42" 315 lbs


Designed for use with removable outboard motors, these stands can be used for storing your boat motor when not in use. Three different styles and capacities accommodate a wide range of outboard motors, old and new! Portable to go where you want to go! Includes a one year warranty!


Outboard motor carts are a great solution for maintenance and storage of your boat motor. All motor carts have a 1" steel tubular frame with a black paint coating. The frame sits on pneumatic tires and two front stabilizer casters (casters available only on model # OMC-F315). Outboard motor hangers rest on a 1 1/2" thick synthetic block which will hold up to corrosive materials such as gas or oil. The carts have soft ergonomic handles which can be folded down by loosening the side bolts. The folding handle allows for more room in a garage or shed when storing your motor and keeps it out of the way when doing maintenance. The outboard engine stands are portable for use wherever you need!

The carts are available in three sizes, each with their own distinctive features. Model # OMC-F85 has an 85 lb weight capacity, perfect for small horse power motors. Model # OMC-F130 has 130 lb weight capacity and includes a bottom rack with strap for storing your boats gas can. Model # OMC-F315 has a 315 lb weight capacity and features a larger frame with two front casters for increased stability and maneuverability. All folding outboard motor carts include a one year warranty. Please Note: These boat motor carts ship unassembled.

Product Features

  • 1" thick tubular steel frame construction
  • Painted black
  • 3 styles to choose from with varying weight capacities
  • Handle folds down for extra storage room
  • Solid 1 1/2" thick hanger block for resting the motor
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Model# OMC-F315 includes 2 front casters for additional support
  • Model# OMC-F130 includes a gas can rack with strap
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines



OMC-F85 Instruction Manual
OMC-F130 Instruction Manual
OMC-F315 Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 19 Reviews)


4 Stars Great Product, Terrible Directions

Steve from MO wrote (September 27, 2017):

I bought this for a 9.9 HP Honda outboard that weighs 77 lbs, so it exceeds the need. The product is well-designed, and the frame parts are very solid. The nuts and bolts included are suspect, so I replaced with stainless steel. I replaced the nuts/lock washers with lock nuts. The directions were probably the worst I have ever seen. The only thing the directions were good for were keeping the nuts and bolts from rolling around so much. It was missing one nut and washer but that didn't really matter since I replaced them. I gave it a 4 because of a missing part and because the directions were pretty much useless. It's an excellent product, and I recommend it. The motor balances well on the stand, and the handle provides good leverage for moving it around. The wheels work on concrete, stone, or grass. Not sure if I will use the fuel tank holder, but's a nice feature for transporting from vehicle to boat and back. Just know that when you assemble the unit, don't expect much from the directions, and be prepared to replace or supply some nuts and bolts.

4 Stars Foldable motor stand

dale from NV wrote (April 15, 2017):

With a 8 HP Mercury 4 stroke weighing 88 lbs, this stand is wobbly. However, it does support the motor and I can move it around ok

4 Stars OMC - F130

Ron -Retired shop teacher with lake house where we have three bo from NH wrote (April 07, 2017):

I needed a stand for a new Merc. 8 hp. I chose the F130 because I wanted a unit rated for more than the 85 lbs. of motor weight plus gas tank. I was impressed that the tubing was heavier duty than I expected. I had read all the bad reviews and was pleased that all the tubular pieces as well as the heavy composite mount was there. As I assembled it I only tightened things finger tight or less so that I could get it all together before I gave it a final tightening. It was a good choice because a few things did go together hard. The directions would have been better if they had put the numbers on the tubes that they showed in the directions. I'm a mechanical minded guy so it was no big deal, but for some the directions might have been better. When it came to the wheels, I was missing one nut. Of course I didn't have a replacement in my shop so on my next trip by a hardware store I picked one up - problem solved. Overall I have to say I would buy the F-130 again. Poor directions and anything missing drops a 5 star product to a 4 - too bad.

4 Stars As advertised

Brian from FL wrote (February 24, 2017):

The product looks and functions as advertised. Holds my 9.8 outboard just fine. It would have been 5 stars except for three issues: 1. One of the bolts it shipped with had a damaged thread. I had an extra suitable one in my garage that worked. But it was a little upsetting that it was broken with no spare bolts. 2. The assembly instructions are terrible. The picture on the front does not match the diagram inside. They clearly name the parts, but leave you to figure out which parts are which. The individual parts are not labeled, and they do not provide measurements of the lengths to help determine which ones are which. 3. At one point you are to connect the vertical tubes to the handle tubes. They do not reach. It seems to be two inches too short. You have to apply pressure, and it adds pressure to the connecter at the axle to make it fit. This took some time to figure out, as when they didn't line up, I assumed that the tubes were the wrong length.

5 Stars OMC-F130 Fantastic product!

David from WI wrote (December 01, 2016):

I bought the OMC-F130 carrier recently and I couldn't be happier! I have a 15 horse Johnson and the OMC-F130 handles it beautifully. I like the air blown tires rather than solid plastic found on other models. The main reason I purchased was to move my outboard around easily without strain or injury.

5 Stars F130 Purchase

dave from MA wrote (November 29, 2016):

Purchased the product and assembly instructions were sketchy causing a need for customer assistance. The assistance i received from Ms. Walsh product expert was exceptionally outstanding. The product is sturdy and works well for my heavy 15hp engine. Would definitely buy from these guys again....great support.

5 Stars Folding Outboard Motor Carrier - 130 LB. Capacity

Jonathan from KY wrote (October 27, 2016):

I could not believe how fast I received my order. I needed this delivered as soon as possible for a pending garage project, but had no promise of a quick receipt. It came, and was so very easy to assemble. Very sturdy cart with a good, balanced design. Just what I needed for my need. Very pleased.

5 Stars Super Product

Dave from MA wrote (June 02, 2016):

OMC-F130 Excellent product. Good quality. Instructions could be better. Overall a great purchase


HENRI from FL wrote (April 06, 2016):


3 Stars Fast service from DiscountRamps

Sailor from CA wrote (January 23, 2016):

Took delivery today. What should have been a 1 hour install took nearly 5 between having to drill out a couple of the holes that the bolt would not fit through. Also the instructions are very, very poor. The assembly diagram is even different from the cover of the booklet to the inside diagram that labels the parts. Also, whats inside the rubber motor mount? That part is heavy as a brick so if you are buying a unit because it's weight seems like it is rugged, don't. A lot of the weight of this thing is in the heavy rubber motor mount. Other than that it seems ok.

5 Stars Easy to assemble

Tom from OR wrote (January 19, 2016):

I got my motor stand today and it was easy to assemble. It does a great job of holding my motor and makes it easy to work on the motor.

5 Stars A great carrier

Tim from ME wrote (January 15, 2016):

My stepdad was worried about his outboard freezing. So I put in a order for a carrier. This came quickly even with out expedited shipping went together easily and is extremely sturdy, letting me move a 250 pound motor through snow with ease.

4 Stars OMC130

John Horgan from TX wrote (July 26, 2015):

The cart seems very sturdy. I bought a larger size than what I needed because the old Johnson outboard I have (1964 9.9 hp) is pretty hefty. I'm glad I did. I had seen some other carts that were supposed to be for my size engine but they looked kind of flimsy. So far, I'm happy. I think one of the best things I can say about it is ALL THE PARTS WERE THERE! Also it was fairly easy to put together. Previously I had purchased one form the Bass Pro Shops and discovered several parts were missing. I took it back and exchanged it for another. That one was missing the axel!

5 Stars Excellent Outboard Motor Carrier

Mark from WI wrote (July 20, 2015):

Purchased the OMC-F130 cart from Discount Ramps. Outstanding Customer service!! Purchased online one day, received it the next in excellent condition. The instructions were a little confusing, but unit went together well. Had a minor problem with one of the wheels, but Discount Ramps was there once again to help me out. They had a replacement to me the very next day after I called them about it. I have a lake home in Eagle River, WI which affords me the time to do some boating. I used the motor carrier several times already and it works like a charm!! It was absolutely a pleasure working with Discount Ramps. I look forward to working with them again in the future! Thanks Discount Ramps!!

4 Stars Good design and quality material. Poor instructions and sloppy packaging control

Glenn from CA wrote (April 14, 2015):

I bought this carrier despite the common complaint that parts were missing and that the instructions were poor. I received the package with one of the the handle tubes missing, but the instructions were too poor to figure out which one. I called DiscountRamps and they replaced both of the the handle tubes so that I could figure out which one was missing. From that point on everything went well. The folding handle seem a bit loss, so I might fasten it on permanently to make it feel tighter. I'd give DiscountRamps 5stars and the carrier 4stars. Good people to deal with!

5 Stars good little motor stand

anthony from WA wrote (March 27, 2015):

For the price you can't beat this motor stand. I have the one that holds the gas tank. works good and hold my 8 HP 4 stroke just fine.

5 Stars Very easy to assemble.

Chris from FL wrote (January 23, 2015):

I have a 30hp Mercury tiller outboard that weighs 180lbs for my 14ft inflatable boat. This cart is great for moving the o/b about from my garage to my dock and takes all the back breaking strain out of the operation. I do have a concrete ramp to my dock but if you have to move it on grass, you should buy the 4 wheel model.

5 Stars Folding 85lb cart

Greg from TN wrote (December 13, 2014):

This cart is perfect for my 5 hp outboard. There is also room for my trolling motor. It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. I would definitely recommend this cart to anyone. Shipping was very fast. Thanks for a great product.

5 Stars Solid Cart

Corey from IN wrote (September 18, 2014):

This cart is very solid for money. Good price. Rolls easily with outboard on cart. Assembly instructions are not very good. But not hard to figure out. Would buy again.

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