Harbor Mate Outboard Motor Cart With Folding Handle

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  • Sturdy 1" steel tube construction
  • Pneumatic tires for easy mobility
  • Handle folds down for lower profile storage
  • Solid 1-1/2" thick hanger block for resting the motor resists oil and gas
  • Mid-size model includes rack with strap for boat's gas can
  • Largest model has two front casters for more precise maneuvering
Item # Description Length Width Height Maximum Capacity Weight Availability Price  
OMC-F85 5 to 15 HP 20" 25" 43" 85 lbs. 23 lbs.
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OMC-F130 15 to 30 HP 29" 24" 40" 130 lbs. 29 lbs.
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OMC-F315 30 to 115 HP 33" 28" 42" 315 lbs. 38 lbs.
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Outboard motor carts are a great solution for maintenance and storage of your boat motor. All motor carts have a 1" steel tubular frame with a black paint coating. The frame sits on pneumatic tires and two front stabilizer casters (casters available only on model # OMC-F315). Outboard motor hangers rest on a 1 1/2" thick synthetic block which will hold up to corrosive materials such as gas or oil. The carts have soft ergonomic handles which can be folded down by loosening the side bolts. The folding handle allows for more room in a garage or shed when storing your motor and keeps it out of the way when doing maintenance. The outboard engine stands are portable for use wherever you need!

The carts are available in three sizes, each with their own distinctive features. Model # OMC-F85 has an 85 lb weight capacity, perfect for small horse power motors. Model # OMC-F130 has 130 lb weight capacity and includes a bottom rack with strap for storing your boats gas can. Model # OMC-F315 has a 315 lb weight capacity and features a larger frame with two front casters for increased stability and maneuverability. Please Note: These boat motor carts ship unassembled.