Kill Shot 500 lb. Capacity Game Cart

You won't strain your back transporting your gear into the woods, or transporting that trophy buck out, when you use this Kill Shot Game Cart. This game hauler has a 500 lb. weight capacity, large 18-1/2” wheels, and is manufactured from solid steel. If you can bag it – this cart can haul it! Quickly and easily assemble the game cart with the included wire spring pins. For compact storage and transport, simply remove the wheels and side braces, fold the cart, and secure it with the included bucket straps. Includes a one year warranty.

  • 500 lb. capacity frame is made from durable steel
  • Brown powder coat finish blends into the woods around you
  • Solid rubber 18-1/2” wheels lets you easily haul game
  • Lightweight, weighs only 30 lbs.
  • Folds for compact storage
  • Includes side braces and 2 securing straps
  • Upgraded heavy-duty axle and wheel pins for additional support
Originally $90.99
Sale $69.99
Save $21.00
1 Year Warranty

You won't strain your back transporting your gear into the woods, or transporting that trophy buck out, when you use this Kill Shot Game Cart. This game hauler has a 500 lb. weight capacity, large 18-1/2” wheels, and is manufactured from solid steel. If you can bag it – this cart can haul it! Quickly and easily assemble the game cart with the included wire spring pins. For compact storage and transport, simply remove the wheels and side braces, fold the cart, and secure it with the included bucket straps. Includes a one year warranty.

  • 500 lb. capacity frame is made from durable steel
  • Brown powder coat finish blends into the woods around you
  • Solid rubber 18-1/2” wheels lets you easily haul game
  • Lightweight, weighs only 30 lbs.
  • Folds for compact storage
  • Includes side braces and 2 securing straps
  • Upgraded heavy-duty axle and wheel pins for additional support
30 lbs.
500 lbs.

Review Summary (Based on 48 Reviews)


4 Stars kill shot 500

Chris from PA wrote (November 26, 2017):

Customer service was fantastic. Ordered on Monday, got on Wednesday. I used multiple forms of payment with no problem. Assembly was easy. I did some customization , like adding plastic bushings, zip tied the pins in case they fell out, and foam wrapped the poles for protection and noise cancelling. Very sturdy.

5 Stars Should have bought one years ago!

Gary from PA wrote (November 10, 2017):

I have a bad back so carrying tree stands in or dragging deer out is no longer an option. I bought mine over the summer which I recommend to get past the smell of the tires. A little inconvenient in the woods and if pulling across the side of a hill but up or down it works great. Worth the money and has extended my years to enjoy the sport of hunting deer. I made a set of brakes for mine which I feel is a big plus pulling up and down hill.

5 Stars Great cart

Jeff from WI wrote (September 27, 2017):

This cart is easy to assemble and will work great for hauling out game. On another note customer service is awesome.

4 Stars Kill Shot 500# game cart

Cowboy Action Shooter from OR wrote (May 14, 2017):

I bought this cart as a base frame for a Cowboy Action shooting cart. It works great. The packing straps that adjust and click were defective but not mush use anyway. The large wheels work to navigate over any dirt or gravel. It is well built and breaks down to fit just about anywhere.

5 Stars just replace a cart that was stolen

Tbone from OR wrote (February 01, 2017):

I ordered a kill shot 500# game cart on Jan. 26, 2017. I received my order on Feb. 1, 2017. I had my previous cart for over 9 yrs. I used it a lot. As soon as I received my new game cart I had no difficulty with assembly. It is not as heavy as the previous cart, and definitely much easier to load and lift into the back of my vehicle. I have used a cart for: hauling decoy and gear to the blind (I will duck hunt 50 days per Season, recovery of elk, deer, hauling fire wood on a camping trip, Camp gear, etc. The price of this cart was very reasonable and the shipping time was 1 week. I will definitely be recommending this cart & Discount I am already convinced this is the best buy out there. I will be back. Thanks, Tbone

5 Stars Game Cart

Kris from WI wrote (December 29, 2016):

Good cart. Seems sturdy and has nice sized tires.

4 Stars Game Hauler 500lb Deer Cart

Joe from OK wrote (December 07, 2016):

Cart seems to be of good quality. Assembly instructions could be better, had to go to web site to watch assembly video. Need better quality control in their packaging area. When I opened the shipping container to assemble the cart I was short 2ea 1/4 in washers and all 4ea hair pins. Had to go to hardware store to buy.

2 Stars Wheel pins fell out

gary from WI wrote (November 30, 2016):

First of all , I bought this deer hauler on a Monday and received it on Tuesday. Unbelievable service. However, I used it last week during Wisconsin's deer hunting season to pull a buck about a mile out of the woods. By the time I got half way out the wheels were wobbling. The pins that held each wheel on the axle must have caught on something and pulled out. To say the least, I don't think these type of pins are the best way of holding the wheels on. We ended up dragging the deer and the cart the rest of the way. If you are going to use this cart on a clean road or path it would be fine but it's not the best for going through the woods or a swamp.

5 Stars Happy Happy

Karl from MI wrote (November 07, 2016):

It is just what I was looking for in a cart, love the bigger tires and the fact the spokes are heavier duty than the other carts I had looked at. Good quality and great price!

5 Stars 500lb Cart

Jim from GA wrote (August 25, 2016):

Rec'd in about 4 days impressed right off. Laid out all parts and put together per instructions in about 5 min! Great value for the money! Very impressed! Yeh tires smell a little but sure they will air out! 59 ur old hunting North Ga mountains last year is last time I haul 82 lbs of tree stand backpack fanny pack etc on my back!! This baby will make it a snap and will be a lot easier getting a deer back up mountain if I have to!! Great product for the price! I strongly recommend!!

4 Stars Kill Shot 500lb game cart

Joe from PA wrote (April 21, 2016):

Received today as gift from wifey. I received in good condition. Assembly was easy however when I started wheel assembly. The axle hole on both sides didn't line up properly. The quick pins fit extremely tight and I had to push down on tire to close the gap between the upper and lower assembly while wifey inserted the snap pin. Needless to say we did get them in, but so much pressure is on the tire they barely want to roll. I am removing the pin and heading to hardware store to see if I can get a smaller diameter bolt w/wing nut and install. I'll let you know how that works for me and hopefully do a follow up review this deer season on operation. I gave it 4 stars as it seems like it will function ok and is durable. Instructions (2 sets) were clear and precise. Order and shipping was fantastic. The price was right and I'm tired of the drag.

3 Stars game cart

Andrew from NY wrote (March 19, 2016):

Pros: the cart assembled easily, and the wheels and axle seem rigid enough to do the job. The ability to fold it up is real nice as well. Cons: Many of the welds have porosity, but would still hold up for the intended use. A few scratches from shipping but that's not really a big deal either. As others have said, the wheels do have a strong odor, but I left it outside for a couple of days and it is fine. It worked well in the woods, carrying weight over logs, and through the woods. I am sure I will be using it for years to come.

5 Stars 500 lb Kill Shot Game Hauler

Jim from PA wrote (December 18, 2015):

Decided on getting a game cart after a long hard drag of a deer earlier in the year with my son. Even though I didn't order it till mid deer season, it arrived in a couple days because of super fast shipping. A few days later I was able to test it out after harvesting a deer while hunting alone. I started by dragging the deer a short distance then loaded it on the cart to finish the transport . The slope of the land was relatively steep and it took the same amount of time for each part of the transport but I covered ten times more distance using the cart as dragging in the same time period. I also used far less energy using the cart and was glad I had purchased this cart. Small sticks and rocks didn't hinder the transportation of the deer. Some of the features that this cart has that are different than other carts are solid rubber tires so no flat tires. The five spokes are heavy steel and not small bicycle type spokes that could be easy bent or broke by brush and sticks. It also has a heavier weight capacity that many other game carts. Very glad I purchased this cart and would recommend it highly.

5 Stars game cart wheel

Marshall from ID wrote (December 14, 2015):

Shipping was sent and received as noted by email. Very sturdy may not have to replace again.

5 Stars Game cart

Gary from WI wrote (November 27, 2015):

I am in my 60's and am an avid hunter. My son's job has moved him to where we can no longer hunt together. He purchased the game cart for me. What a great tool! Made all the difference this year in getting this year's 8 point buck to the truck. The large diameter wheels made it a breeze to go over smaller logs and debris on the trail. Being able to lay the cart flat to strap the deer on and then hook up the two side braces made it simple and easy. Now I wish I had purchased do one of these years ago! Great produce and makes moving your game a simple process. '

5 Stars Kill shot game cart

Tim from NY wrote (November 23, 2015):

Purchased this cart. Did not receive any assembly instructions but was able to pull up on line and assembled without any difficulty. Cart is exactly what I wanted. Sturdy but easy to maneuver. Wheels are large and don't have to worry about breaking spokes or getting flat tire. My brother purchased another brand, after seeing this cart wished he had gotten this cart. Much better cart.

5 Stars deercart

Hi am 66 years young deer hunting in 2 states fishing camping in from OH wrote (November 16, 2015):

i purchased the 500lb was easy to put together.The instructions were simple to follow and you needed no tools.I especially like the low profile when folded takes up very little room and easy to pack in my truck.Once you get your deer it is quick and easy to get it back up to working size.The steel spokes are a lot bigger and stronger than i though.This baby balances and pulls with a load with little effort and is tall enough to go just about everywhere.I know i will not drag them anymore-not when they can ride.Yeah i bought it to save on the old bones and this is the cat`s meow.

4 Stars Cartwheel

Vince from OR wrote (October 21, 2015):

Cart arrived with damaged wheel bushing and Discount ramps promptly replaced the wheel. Cart seems pretty solid and should function within the limitations of the design. Mine had some issues with the axle sleeves that are welded to the frame. they were not cut square to the axle centerline causing a very tight fit for the axle locking pins. I corrected by hand filing the sleeves rather than sending the cart back

4 Stars Stand Behind their product.

Chad from OH wrote (September 29, 2015):

Recently ordered one of the game carts. Unfortunately, part of the unit was damaged in shipping. CSR simply asked me to take a picture of the damage and the box and email it. A few minutes after I sent the pics I go an email that the replacement parts were on their way and would be here in two days. Product seems well made, eager to get new parts and put it to use. Great customer service.

4 Stars Can't wait

Walter from PA wrote (August 01, 2015):

Just got my cart and put it together. Went together fairly easily with the instructions on the internet(none came with the cart). Was shorted two washers but was able to get ones that worked fairly easy. Folds up nicely for storage and transporting to the hunting location. Can't wait until hunting season to try it out with a deer, which seem to be getting heavier as I age. Should make things a lot easier in the Western Pennsylvania woods this year.

4 Stars 500lb game cart

Brendan from AZ wrote (July 05, 2015):

Seems well made. There's a video on youtube by Discount Ramps showing how to put it together. It was short 2 washers, but I had some to complete assembly, no big deal.

4 Stars Elk hauler

Richard from UT wrote (June 04, 2015):

Can't wait to try this got it for my Birthday after asking for one. easy to put together..Peace of mind..for hunting..or Bugout...just what I was looking for..could be a little wider..

5 Stars I think this is the greatest thing man ever invented!

Frank from MS wrote (May 22, 2015):

Got it put together this afternoon, and hauled stuff all over the yard. I wish I had got one of these years ago, would have made all the honey do's so much easier-You know how you get it in place just where she said put it, then she changes her mind, again, again and again. Would've saved my back long ago! Now I can haul my stuff! Deer, hogs, whatever!! Thank you so much!

5 Stars Hauling over hill and dale

Kenny & Phyllis from OR wrote (May 21, 2015):

We like our 500 lb capacity game cart. There was initially some assembly required, no instructions included, but none were needed... very simple. We will be using it for hunting and a bug out cart. We are in our 60's and find ourselves with 50 & 60 lb back packs used for hiking, camping and bug out. They strap nicely to our game cart and make hauling easy. With the large wheels, this will go over a lot of obstacles without a lot of trouble. Now we can go, go, go.... !

5 Stars Game Hauler turned in to Life Saver

Dan and Connie Loop from OR wrote (May 11, 2015):

This awesome game hauler is now outfitted as our life saving emergency bug out hauler. We live in paradise, but we have one major earthquake to prepare for, the Cascadia Subduction zone off the Oregon coast. We live in the flood zone and will need to get to higher ground if the earthquake hits. Peace of mine is what this game hauler gave us now that we know we can get to safe ground with all our gear. Fully loaded it is so balanced and so easy to push or pull that it is unbelievable, but very true. The construction is so strong. The wheels are so strong. Hunting will be priority after a devastating quake and we will never have a problem in this deer and elk area now that we have this hauler. We highly recommend this product.

5 Stars Game Cart

Brad from WI wrote (April 27, 2015):

First, extremely fast shipment. The cart is very well made, really sturdy, large, well-made wheels to get over obstacles, and was easy to assemble. I have not tried it on game but did give it a try with live weight and worked very well. I'm an experienced hunter and just looking at everything I expect it will work well in the field. It is a huge improvement over my homemade carts, which all failed when the going was tough in the woods. I would recommend this. One note is that there are no assembly instructions included and you have to download them from the site- not a big deal, but just saying.

5 Stars 500lb. Game Cart

James from MI wrote (March 24, 2015):

Just received my new Game Cart, less than 36hrs after I ordered it! (I'm pretty sure that qualifies as "FAST" shipping!!! ) The cart seems very well made, can't wait to try it out next fall. Thank you for a perfect buying experience!!!

5 Stars cart

lynn from SC wrote (February 26, 2015):

the cart came today and could'nt wait to put it together.opened the box and all the parts were there,a thank you note but no it together and i really think it going to be just what the dr, ordered thanks

5 Stars Kill shot game cart

Dennis from FL wrote (February 19, 2015):

Absolutely love it wish I had bought it 20 years ago. Over the past 3 years I have pulled out several deer and hogs both in the swamp and piney woods. Rolls over logs,palmettos, through water and mud too. A must for those who hunt by themselves. I use 2 ratchet straps to secure game and take off. My only complaint would be not to paint the hitch pins camo they are easy to lose otherwise very sturdy and easy to use.

4 Stars Perfect For Bugging Out

Bill from ID wrote (February 14, 2015):

I bought this "game cart" to supplement my carry capacity in the event I had to leave my home on-foot. It came with all the pieces I needed for assembly, though all of the "hairpins" were replaced by D-rings - MUCH sturdier! I gave it 4 stars for two reasons. 1) Although designed for easy assembly and disassembly, it still seemed a little loose , and maybe could have had the spec tightened up so that it assembled with little to no "wiggle". 2) It's made entirely in China, which disappoints my "Buy American" senses. Still, I like it very much. Closest thing to a "Mormon handcart", and far less expensive. Good Job!

4 Stars Great cart... for more than just game

dwmcknight from TX wrote (February 07, 2015):

Overall this cart is a great tool for hunters. By carting your game instead of dragging or shoulder carrying it, you have more energy for processing the deer properly, and it is also cleaner for the hide and meat if you don't drag it through winter mud and other "matter" on the ground to get it back to base camp. Think about it... every calorie burned dragging a deer is a calorie lost on the harvest of the meat, and being exhausted can lead to sloppy dressing of the meat. I recommend bringing some rope or good straps to tie the game to the cart to make it easier to balance and maintain. This cart is arguably more useful in the off season as a rickshaw for heavy items on a rural homestead. We added a crude plywood base to ours and have hauled numerous heavy deliveries from the gate to the house, multiple 50lb feed bags at once, and multiple 80lb bags of concrete out into the field for fence projects. The wheels are a great design and they handle mud and brush without getting bogged down or tangled. The only reason I didn't give this cart 5 stars is the angle of the handle. To me, the bend in the handle forces you to stoop too low while pulling if you want to balance a load evenly over the wheels. I've tried to imagine scenarios where the bent handle would work better but I cant think of one except to where the deer would be loaded and tied with a majority of its weight on the upright portion and not the base. A straight or adjustable version of the same handle would probably work better if you ask me.

5 Stars Best Purchase

Denise from AL wrote (February 03, 2015):

I purchased this for hunting. I was not sure how easy it was going to be or how well it would work but it has worked great. I'm a female and I usually hunt along and this has turned into the best purchase I have made. I would definitely recommend it .

4 Stars Deer cart

Kip from CA wrote (January 23, 2015):

Cart arrived today and was what I expected. Easy to assemble and well built. Would like to see some kind of brake system for steep hill use but overall a good product. Will make good use of it this year.

5 Stars Steel game cart hauler 500 lb capacity

patricia from NJ wrote (January 23, 2015):

I bought this cart for my husband and he loves it save alot of pulling thru woods he says makes life easier to pull deer out of woods.its very sturdy and was very easy to assemble only took bout 10 minutes if that

5 Stars Steel Game Cart Hauler 500 Lb.

Marshall from PA wrote (January 15, 2015):

Received Game Cart promptly and in good condition. Following the instructions I assembled the cart in less than 30 minutes. The cart is very well built and the hardware is good quality. Looking forward to using it in the woods in the fall to make hauling much easier. Would be nice to have additional longer straps included and tips to help eliminate the strong tire odor. I will recommend this cart to friends and family.

5 Stars Game Cart 500#

Wild Bill from IN wrote (January 08, 2015):

A most excellent product. Heavy construction, easy to assemble & break down. affordable & well worth the money

5 Stars Deer Cart

Jim from MN wrote (January 07, 2015):

Great product, lightweight and easy to store. Where I live there are several management areas to hunt in. They do not allow vehicles, so my hunting trips have been limited to how far do I have to drag a deer back to the truck. Those limitations have been lifted with this product!!!

5 Stars Game Hauler

Hoke from OK wrote (January 05, 2015):

Being a flintknapper, I use the cart to haul 5 gal. buckets of rock thru the woods. Works great for that. Got it a bit late to be used during deer season, but don’t see a problem with hauling out a nice buck. I’m getting a bit too old to throw one on my back and carry it out, so the cart will be a welcome relief.

5 Stars Game Cart

Trent from AR wrote (December 23, 2014):

Received the game cart quickly. The assembly was quick and easy. Can also fold the cart for storage and hauling. I am very pleased with the cart and is very well built. Hauling my hunting gear into the woods will be easier instead of having to carry everything. I picked this cart because it didn't have the wire spoke wheels. Wish I would have purchased this game cart before now! Thanks for a great product.

5 Stars deer cart

Buckner from NC wrote (December 12, 2014):

I bought this as a gift. he like it very well, because you can carry a lot of hunting stuff on it. The only thing was it has bad ordor, when he open the box. Not sure why.

5 Stars Heavy Hauler thats not too heavy.

Michael from TX wrote (December 04, 2014):

I just got my Game Cart. The only negative I gave found is that the instructions were printed very lightly. (Time to change the printer toner) The cart is much stronger that I thought it would be. Assembly was relatively quickly about 20 min thevfurst time. I'll be able to bring that time down ti under 10 min now. Solid steel, high wheels make rolling over large obstacles easy. Folds to a small very portable package. Excellent heavy off road hauling. Thank you Discount Ramps!

4 Stars Game cart

David S from NJ wrote (November 28, 2014):

I had bought this cart on 11/23/14, it arrived today,11/28/14, pretty quick. I assembled it in 15 mins, easy. Even w/o instructions, not supplied. Cant wait to try it,with hauling my stand in the woods, and hopefully hauling venison out. I give it 4 stars only because I haven't tried it yet.

5 Stars Deer cart

Stephen from MS wrote (November 12, 2014):

Good wheel size and price. Easy to assemble and folds up well.

5 Stars Hunting Cart

Mike Schuster from WI wrote (November 10, 2014):

I am looking forward to using this cart for the first time and I can already see how the 18" wheels are going to be a huge advantage in the field. I couldn't even read the printed directions that came with it, but within minutes was able to put it together using common sense....that's how easy the assembly is! Really like the portability of this product and all I need to do now is get some ratchet straps and a deer to put it to the test.

5 Stars Kill Shot 500lb. game cart

Don from PA wrote (November 02, 2014):

Had a little shipping damage, but was an easy fix. Went together nicely after. It is a well made cart and I have used it around the house in the off seasons. It will haul anything you can put in it. The tires have a very pungent odor hopefully it will wear off in time. Still waiting to haul out a deer, Maybe next week.

5 Stars Super Product

Tony from LA wrote (September 30, 2014):

Product was packaged very well and all parts arrived. I purchased the cart to use during hunting season and the deer that I killed fits in the product very well, easy to load, easy to maneuver.

4 Stars Game cart review

Ed Romans from MD wrote (September 22, 2014):

Product as advertised p, easy to assemble but the material used for the wheels have a STRONG odder. Just what is this material made of? Is it safe?

4 Stars Three Year Usage

Thomas from OK wrote (August 02, 2014):

My wife and I have used our cart to carry eight deer during the past three deer seasons in Oklahoma. We would have given it a five star rating except when the cart was check in July along with other equipment for 2014 fall season I found the hard rubber tires for both wheels separated and fallen from the metal wheel frames. One hard rubber tire was in three pieces. The other hard rubber tire was in four pieces. We both are in our seventies. For us, this cart has been a real blessing of help. We normally hunt during archery season, primitive arms season, and rifle season.

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