2" To 1-1/4" Hitch Reducer

Convert a Class III or IV hitch to a Class I or II hitch with this hitch reducer. This handy adapter is great for bicycle racks, cargo carriers or any hitch mounted accessory that requires a smaller hitch size. Simply slide the hitch reducer over a Class I or II hitch tube, secure with integrated set screws and slide into the Class III or IV hitch. More
1 Year Warranty

Convert a Class III or IV hitch to a Class I or II hitch with this hitch reducer. This handy adapter is great for bicycle racks, cargo carriers or any hitch mounted accessory that requires a smaller hitch size. Simply slide the hitch reducer over a Class I or II hitch tube, secure with integrated set screws and slide into the Class III or IV hitch.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Two integrated set screws secure to hitch tube
  • 1/2" pin hole size


Converts 2" Class III/IV hitch receivers to 1-1/4" Class I/II, great for bicycle racks, towing applications, cargo carriers and more! Features a 1/2" pin hole and (2) set screws to pinch the 1-1/4" hitch tube.


Reduce a 2" Class III/IV vehicle hitch to work with 1-1/4" Class I/II hitch products with the ADPT-637 Hitch Reducer, or convert 1-1/4" hitch mounted products to work with 2" receivers. Designed to fit inside a 2" hitch, this in-line hitch converter measures 4"L x 1-15/16"W x 1-15/16"H for a snug fit and includes (2) integrated set screws that pinch tight on the inserted 1-1/4" hitch tube. With both the class 2 hitch adapter, and the coupled 1-1/4" hitch tube aligned properly, they can be secured to the vehicle hitch with a 1/2" hitch pin (not included). The 1/2" pin hole is distanced 2-1/2" or 1-1/2" from center to end depending on orientation. Made with aluminum construction, finished in a smooth black powder-coat. Includes a one year warranty.

2-1/2" & 1-1/2"

Product Features

  • Allows 2" Class III/IV hitch receivers to work with 1-1/4" Class I/II hitch products
  • In-line adapter measures 4"L x 1-15/16" x 1-15/16"
  • Fits inside 2" hitch receivers
  • Converts 1-1/4" hitch mounted products for use with 2" receivers
  • (2) Integrated set screws pinch on 1-1/4" hitch tube
  • 1/2" Pin hole with 2-1/2" or 1-1/2" distance from center to end
  • Aluminum construction with a black powder-coat finish
  • Hitch pin not included
  • 1 year warranty

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Instruction Manual


Trailer Hitch Classes and Towing: What You Need to Know
Safe Winter Towing Tips

Review Summary (Based on 32 Reviews)


5 Stars Product works well and great service from Discount Ramps

Becky from CT wrote (January 05, 2017):

The hitch fit perfectly on a Thule bike rack that we had to retro-fit for a new car. Outstanding service from Kirk B. who we reached minutes before the beginning of the New Year holiday weekend. He took the time to take our order, and to help us with rush shipping to make sure it arrived before we had to take off on a trip.

5 Stars Works Like A Charm

Ron from KY wrote (August 31, 2016):

Great little adapter, locks onto the 1 1/4" bike rack I bought it for with the set screws. Well made with the exception of a burr in the 1/2" hole, hitch pin knocked it right out, no problem. Good value.

5 Stars Cant' go unhiched

Harold; Retired Art Prof. from NC wrote (June 21, 2016):

Fit like a charm,I am sure glad that I found the Hitch reducer. Thanks for the prompt service, & I will be back when I need something that you supply. Harold

4 Stars Nice Adaptor

Marc from SC wrote (March 04, 2016):

Nice adapter. I liked this design since it did not add length to the hitch. It just slides inside the receiver. There is a little wiggle room between the receiver and adapter but my 2" receiver is a little old so the specifications aren't going to be perfect.

5 Stars Am I ever glad I ordered from discount ramps!

Mike from FL wrote (December 31, 2015):

This product is perfect. It is an inexpensive method of adapting my hitch that works perfectly. I ordered the product and had it in one and a half days all the way from Wisconsin to Florida. Great quality product and service that can't be beat. If you need any of the products handled by discount ramps, you have found the best place to buy.

5 Stars Hitch Adapter

Dan from FL wrote (October 24, 2015):

I used this to adapt our old bike rack to a new hitch that was a 2" hitch. I really like the design of this; the set screws are perfect - no wiggle and it stays securely on the rack or whatever you hook up to your hitch. It's aluminum so there's no rust which is a nice bonus. I think this is maybe the best hitch reducer adapter you can get.

5 Stars 2" to 1 1/4" hitch reducer

Yaroslav Sklabynskyi from NC wrote (October 10, 2015):

It perfectly adapted my 1 1/4" bike rack to my 2" SUV receiver. Fit perfectly. Shipped quickly.

5 Stars 2' to 1 1/4" Hitch receiver adapter

Richard from NC wrote (September 22, 2015):

Saved the day. Perfect for my bike carrier. Very nicely made and finished. Excellent fit and easily applied.

5 Stars Cheap fix to irksome problem.

Jason from MD wrote (September 17, 2015):

We changed cars, moving to one with a 2" hitch. The options for the old bike rack. Most adapters I looked at add length---making the bike rack stick out significantly. This one, however, allows the rack to work perfectly like it was meant to fit in a 2" hitch. Well made, and does not slip around once fit exactly.

5 Stars Right for my bike rack

Frank from SC wrote (September 08, 2015):

This product was delivered promptly. My Swagman bicycle rack has 1 1/4 arm into the receiver. This adapter fit perfectly !!

5 Stars Excellent!

Dave from PA wrote (August 19, 2015):

The part was exactly what I needed! And the service was excellent! Came exactly when I needed it (paid additional for speedy delivery)! Part fits into a motorhome hitch and on to a 1.25" bike rack hitch.

5 Stars Perfect! Exactly what I needed!

Eric Out West from AZ wrote (August 17, 2015):

I recently bought a new car that didn't have a receiver hitch to put my bike rack on. I decided to go with a 2 inch receiver even though my bike rack was 1 1/4 inch because I also have a trailer that is a 2 inch. After extensive research I decided to go with this adapter because 1) I liked the design and ability to use either on the inside or outside of a receiver and 2) because of the length, all the others were way too long, and 3) because of the reviews from others that I had read. I was needing this adapter before an upcoming weekend and so I called DiscountRamps.com directly to see about getting the item expedited. I spoke with a guy named Andy who was super helpful and friendly. He took my order over the phone and two days later UPS delivered as promised. Once you add in standard ground shipping, the price for this adapter at DiscountRamps.com is the same price as at Amazon.com. Even though I am an Amazon Prime member, I still decided to go with DiscountRamps.com because because of the high quality of customer service I received. I would definitely recommend DiscountRamps.com to anybody!

5 Stars Great Product from Great Supplier!

Tom from PA wrote (August 10, 2015):

I considered other adapters for my bike rack, but the physics were wrong. I did not want to elongate the distance between the vehicle and the bike rack for it would add even greater perceived weight on the hitch and assembly. This adapter is a much better solution, keeping the length the of the tongue on my bike rack as short as possible. Installation was simple and the set screws hold the adapter tight to the 1 1/4 inch connector. I was surprised by a delivery that was more than a week earlier than expected - NICE! Bottom line, like the title suggests, this is a great product from a great supplier! I highly recommend it!

4 Stars Reducer

Tim from VT wrote (July 28, 2015):

Easy to use/install. Shipped very quickly. Wish it were just a tiny bit tighter fit in the 2" hitch, but still worked just fine.

5 Stars receiver adapter

david from WI wrote (July 08, 2015):

Needed an adapter so I could mount my bike carrier on my RV. Service was great, shipping was fast and the adapter works like a charm.

5 Stars Work of Art!

Michael from MN wrote (July 01, 2015):

Not only did it fit the receiver perfectly the bike rack is secure. It looks great that is why i call it a "Work of Art" all others I looked at did not have the set screws so it attaches firmly to the 1 1/4 inch bike rack. Great item and it works

5 Stars Just what I was looking for!!

Bob Rees from PA wrote (June 29, 2015):

Not only was the product just what I was looking for, the quality of the product and the prompt shipping was great! Highly recommended!

5 Stars Hitch Adapter

JP from WY wrote (June 21, 2015):

Great customer service perfect product fast shipping great to do business with this kind of company.

5 Stars as advertised

tru from CA wrote (June 10, 2015):

Solid product easy to install

5 Stars Hitch Adapter

Tony Phillips from FL wrote (June 09, 2015):

Needed it to mount a bike rack on a RV. It worked perfect, no problems. Did not come with an allen wrench to tighten stabilization screws. But works great.

5 Stars 2" to 1 1/4 hitch reducer

James from NC wrote (June 01, 2015):

Needed it for my bike rack, it solved the problem that i had. Excellent product and it was shipped quickly. Thanks

5 Stars Exc!ellent!

Rick from PA wrote (May 09, 2015):

Bought to fit an existing hitch and bike rack. Solves all my problems. Thank you for a great product.

5 Stars Exactly as expected

Mike from MD wrote (May 05, 2015):

It perfectly adapted my 1 1/4" bike rack to my 2" SUV receiver. No muss, no fuss.

5 Stars 2" To 1-1/4" Hitch Reducer- Great

Jonathan from CA wrote (May 03, 2015):

I needed an adapter to mount my bike carrier to the 2" hitch on the car. This reducer did the trick. It has recessed set screws to mount the reducer securely to the bike carrier and then you just slide the reducer+bike carrier into the hitch and presto it works. My only small comment is that it would be nice if the reducer fit a little more snugly in the 2" hitch. But its a well designed and easy to use product.

5 Stars 2" to 1-1/4" Hitch Receiver Adapter

Eric from OH wrote (April 20, 2015):

Lost the OEM adapter for my hitch mount bike rack. I did not like the way some other adapters were more like extensions and forced the rack to sit to far away from my bumper. This adapter kept the rack close to my new SUV. Did have to deburr the inside of the adapter before it fit. Overall I'm very pleased. Thanks DiscountRamps!

5 Stars Perfect!

Bob from OH wrote (April 15, 2015):

Bought a new car last year and finally got around to getting a hitch installed. Unfortunately it was a 2" hitch, and my bike rack was 1.25". Had to check several places locally until I found a 2" to 1.25" adapter, but I didn't like it at all because of how it extended out 8-10 inches from the hitch and seemed very unsteady. Then I checked online and found this solution... ordered it... and it was received 2 days later. Installed within minutes, and had a MUCH more solid feeling. Very happy!

5 Stars Just what I needed

John from NY wrote (April 13, 2015):

Needed to fit my old bike rack to my new Truck with a class 3 hitch. This was the perfect solution. Very easy to use.

5 Stars Simple Solution, love it

Joshua from CO wrote (January 27, 2015):

Perfect solution to fit my old bike rack to my new SUV with a class 3 hitch. Unlike other hitch solutions, this keeps the rack flush mounted and not extended out by 3 - 4 inches.

5 Stars 2' to 1 1/4 hirch reducer

MIKE from FL wrote (November 07, 2014):

We could not order our new Rav 4 with a 1 1/4 trailer hitch receiver for our bike carrier. The vehicle came with a 2" receiver and reducer. The reducer was sloppy to the point we felt it unsafe to use. Research on the internet showed the one from Discount Ramps to be a good selection. That was great advice. It works exactly the way one would expect. I had a question for customer service and called their 800 number. The lady was friendly, helpful and really knew her product. I would definitely recommend this product.

4 Stars A review

John from DE wrote (October 16, 2014):

Delivered as promise

5 Stars 2" To 1-1/4" Hitch Reducer

Keith from IL wrote (September 28, 2014):

Perfect for using my class 2 bike rack to my class 3 hitch. Unlike other hitch reducers, this keeps the rack flush mounted and not extended out by 3 - 4 inches.

4 Stars Hitch reducer

Gabriel A Castrillon from CA wrote (September 18, 2014):

I order the hitch reducer and I received it with three days. The product seems of good quality and I will be using it this weekend on my bike rack. The two integrated screws are missing and I am hoping to get them from Discount Ramps soon or may be I can purchase them at a hardware store. I am giving 4 stars rating, because of that. Are the screws supposed to be included?

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