How to Choose the Right Scooter for your Mobility Needs

Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

A mobility scooter or power wheelchair is an important purchase that will give you or a loved one the freedom and independence necessary to navigate daily obstacles or explore all-new horizons. Choosing the right mobility device to fit your needs is the most important part of the buying process and this guide will make it easier than ever to determine which scooter or power chair is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Determine your Wants and Needs

Finding a mobility aid that fits your lifestyle is the first step in the buying process.

Consider these questions:

  • Will your scooter or power chair be primarily be used indoors or out?
  • How far will you want to travel on a single battery charge?
  • What kind of spaces do you want to explore, such as the home, grocery store, or outdoor paths?
  • How important is portability? Would you like a scooter that can be transported inside of your car or would you prefer to use a specially-designed carrier?
  • What weight capacity will you need?
  • What accessories will make it easier to use your scooter, such as ramps or hitch-mounted carriers?

Types of Mobility Aids

Mobility scooters and power chairs are designed to suit your individual needs and, for that reason, they are offered in all shapes and sizes. After determining your personal requirements, explore the features, benefits, and capabilities of the types of mobility aids we offer.

Three-Wheel Scooters

A three-wheel design can be liberating in small spaces that require tight turning radiuses, such as your home. Benefits include:

  • Additional deck space to accommodate taller users
  • A tighter turning radius for use in smaller spaces
  • Anti-tip casters located at the back of the scooter for enhanced stability

Four-Wheel Scooters

Four-wheel scooters provide the stability you desire when taking on rough terrain and small inclines. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced stability when getting on or off the scooter and when taking turns
  • Equitable weight distribution across all four tires
  • Anti-tip casters for stability when climbing light inclines

Power Wheelchairs

We are proud to provide access to affordable power chairs with robust features, such as easy disassembly and lightweight construction, which provide all of the must-have features you need:

  • Armrest-mounted joystick controls for users with limited arm or hand dexterity
  • Smallest turning radius available for navigating small spaces like homes or hallways
  • Designed without a tiller for a compact footprint and simple controls

Portable and Travel Scooters

On-the-go users will appreciate the convenience of portable and travel-ready scooters that can be broken down for transport and stored in the trunk of a car. Benefits include:

  • Easy to disassemble into small, easy-to-manage pieces with no cumbersome wires
  • Lightweight pieces are easy to lift for users and caregivers alike
  • Compact sizes are ideal for narrow spaces and provide a small turning radius

Midsize or Full-size Scooters

If you’re using your scooter on a continual basis, the luxury provided by a midsize or full-size scooter is a necessity to maintain your freedom and independence without sacrificing comfort:

  • Longer driving ranges and higher speeds allow for extended use on a single battery charge
  • Larger tires and higher deck clearances provide a smooth ride on bumpy terrain
  • Additional padding on seats and armrests for enhanced comfort
  • Sleek, larger design provides strength and stability during use and transport
  • Easy to load and unload from a hitch-mounted carrier
  • Larger weight capacities available

Heavy-Duty Off-Road Scooters

Return to the great outdoors with specially-designed heavy-duty scooters. Off-road ready features are standard and enable users to traverse rough terrain with ease. Comfort and safety are emphasized on heavy-duty devices and provide the ultimate in freedom without sacrificing luxury:

  • Higher speeds and enhanced driving range make it easy to take on longer adventures
  • Off-road ready tires and high deck clearances allow you traverse rough outdoor terrain
  • High-back seats, additional cushioning, and headrests enhance comfort during all usage
  • Added safety features, such as brake lights, turning signals and hand brakes, are standard

Further Needs

After purchasing your mobility aid, ensure that your home and vehicle are well-prepared to accommodate your scooter or power chair. Customize your experience to fit your lifestyle using any combination of accessories.

Scooter accessories

  • Specially designed accessories for your model of scooter are available, such as cell phone, beverage, and oxygen tank holders
  • Added storage is available, such as rear baskets, armrest-mounted saddle bags, and backpacks
  • Cane and crutch holders allow you to bring additional mobility aids with you wherever you go

Mobility Ramps

  • Portable Ramps make it easy to load a scooter into a large SUV or truck
  • Threshold ramps make it easy to overcome small, everyday rises
  • Semi-permanent ramps will withstand years of use, are as stable as a permanent ramp, and can be repositioned when your needs change

Hitch-mounted devices

  • Hitch-mounted carriers with built-in loading ramps are a safe way to transport your scooter outside of your vehicle
  • Powered lifts allow you to position the scooter right on the platform without the use of ramps
  • Swinging lifts make it easy to lift and swing your scooter into the back of a large SUV or truck

We’re here to Help!

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