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When solving the problem of how to load or unload your car into your trailer, it can be tempting to go the DIY route. While we don’t necessarily discourage this strategy, there are still some things that you want to be aware of before you pick up the tools.

Sturdier than using wood planks, building a fold-up trailer ramps can be an attractive option for those who have the tools and the gumption to make it. At Race Ramps, we've found that the safest and easiest option is go go with our tried and proven trailer ramps.

Read on for some more insight into how to construct a fold-up trailer ramp as well as our suggestion for a safer, straight-out-of-the-box alternative.

Building a Fold-Up Ramp

Please note: that this is a very generalized overview of some of the steps required to build a metal fold-up trailer ramp, NOT a detailed step-by-step guide outlining the materials, tools and skills needed to construct a properly-welded fold-up ramp engineered to support the weight of your vehicle.