Kafe No Bolt, No Drill Double Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminum
  • Double wheel chock fits trailers with 74" to 106" wide floors
  • No drilling or bolts required for installation
  • Fully adjustable tension bars make set-up a breeze
  • Built-in handle for easy portability

Eliminate the inconvenience of drilling holes into your trailer floor with this patent-pending no-drill double wheel chock. The Kafe Double Wheel Chock offers a quick, easy way to transport multiple bikes using a trailer with a floor 74" to 106" wide. Made of 100% aluminum, these rust-proof wheel chocks accommodate any size bike, from scooters to full-size cruisers. Featuring easy operation and installation, simply extend the adjustable arms until they are pressed securely against each side of your trailer and lock them into place. Then load your bikes into the double wheel chock and secure them with straps. The wheel chocks prevent side-to-side movement of your bikes while traveling. The built-in handle allows you to easily move the wheel chocks and use them in multiple trailers.

Please Note: Wheel chocks are designed to be mounted. These wheel chocks are NOT for use as independent motorcycle stands. Tie-down straps are required.

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