Kayak & Canoe Storage Hoist

Our deluxe kayak and canoe storage hoist safely keeps items cluttering your garage off the ground by securing to the ceiling. This universal hoist system is designed to work with nearly anything, including bicycles, stand up paddleboards, ladders, and even shop tools! Installation is a snap! The hoist secures to the ceiling of your garage or shed with durable steel powder coated mounting brackets. The 6??? long lashing straps, or included bike handling hardware, easily attach to your gear. Our double pulley system and integrated locking mechanism make this product safe and easy for anyone to use.

  • 100 lb weight capacity
  • Easy to use double pulley system
  • Includes two 6' lashing straps safely secure kayak or canoe
  • Also includes bicycle hoisting attachments
  • Includes all mounting hardware and tie down cleat
1 Year Warranty
Item # Description Status Price Quantity
BLC-1-1 Canoe-Kayak Ceiling Mount Lift for Storage (1 Unit)
BLC-1-2 Canoe-Kayak Ceiling Mount Lift for Storage (2 Units)


The kayak and canoe hoist allows you to easily store your kayak off of the ground freeing up valuable storage space in your garage or storage shed. The smooth operating double pulley system keeps the kayak level during use and lets you pull the kayak almost up to the the ceiling.


Don't let your kayak or canoe take up valuable space in you garage or storage shed. With the Kayak Hoist you can store your kayak or canoe off of the ground and out-of-the-way, freeing up space for other items. Using a two rope, double pulley system the kayak hoist keeps your kayak level making it easy to raise and lower for storage. Made from steel, with a durable powder coated finish the kayak storage hoist mounts to a ceiling beam or flush to a finished ceiling (secured to studs). Two 6' adjustable lashing straps are included to accommodate virtually any width kayak or canoe on the market. Once the kayak or canoe is off the ground it can be pulled up to the ceiling allowing you to park a car or even a full size truck underneath. With a 100 lb weight limit, the canoe hoist can handle most canoes and kayaks on the market. The kayak/canoe hoist comes with an extra long rope to accommodate taller ceilings and a 1 year warranty.

Lift 1 kayak or canoe for ceiling storage in a garage or shed
100 lbs

Product Features

  • Easy to use double pulley system keeps your canoe or kayak level
  • Mounts to garage or shed ceilings
  • Tie-off cleat eliminates extra rope length
  • Integrated safety rope catch mechanism
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Includes bike mounting hardware
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Tie Down a Kayak to a Vehicle
How to Tie Down Roof Cargo
How to Choose the Best Car Top Carrier or Roof Rack

Review Summary (Based on 44 Reviews)


4 Stars Hoist works well after figuring out install

Lucretia from ID wrote (November 05, 2017):

The pulley system is very smooth and the kayak can be lifted in a level manner. The locking mechanism works well. It all seems sturdy and of good quality. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the instructions didn't say anything about spacing the brackets, didn't show how to feed the rope through the locking mechanism, and said there were 6 wood screws included but there were only two. I had to go out and buy wood screws and I found a video on You Tube that showed installation of this system. I am a 50-year-old female and did it all myself

4 Stars works but

Terry from AR wrote (June 10, 2017):

Fairly easy to install. My kayak weights 100 pounds, easy to get it 4 feet off floor but very difficult as you go higher and then it hangs to low. I had to lift kayak by hand and support it while I pulled on rope. I took off straps and used 2 ratcheting straps instead, now it goes all the way to top pulleys. Still with great difficulty. If the pulleys were larger in diameter it would make raising kayak a lot easier.

3 Stars I works as it is supposed to, but...

Jeff from WI wrote (May 21, 2017):

I suggest lag bolts instead of the screws to attach the brackets to the joists because one of them broke hand tightening it and they don't seem adequate to hold the weight created. Think about which way your ceiling joists run and ideally the brackets works best the same direction as a joist. I ran the kayak across the joists because that was the only place on the ceiling I had room, but that meant I had to scab to the joists some pieces of wood to accommodate the width of the brackets. It is harder to pull that I expected and the straps, even though I thought I shortened them enough are still a bit too long, and so it doesn't hang close enough to the ceiling - but I'm going to tweak that. It works.

5 Stars canoe/kayak ceiling mount lift

Charla from PA wrote (November 29, 2016):

Purchased 2. Great quality, fast shipping. Easy to operate.

5 Stars Canoe-Kayak ceiling mount

Ed from CA wrote (September 12, 2016):

The actual product is great. Thank goodness for YouTube on understanding the installation! The actual written instructions left little to be desired. Maybe a video sent along on PDF would help for future purchases! It did make organizing our garage much better in hanging two 10ft. long kayaks.

4 Stars Kayak hoist

Dick from NY wrote (September 11, 2016):

Good packaging for shipment . Easy installation.Good directions. Lift performs well. I drilled holes in my kayaks to accommodate the hooks on the lifts. Made it easier and safer to use the hoists.

5 Stars Very solid unit

Kirk from CA wrote (August 14, 2016):

I recently bought the double pack of these racks. I had them installed and both kayaks hung in under an hour. The units are very solid and I expect no problems from them, ever. I have a slanted ceiling and one side is hung 12 feet up while the other is just over 8. It is still easy to keep the kayak level, although I had to add rope because of the extra height on the one side. The pulleys come with a catch that prevents the kayak from slipping back down as you hoist it. This is a good thing as you need to pull harder to hoist them than I expected. My fishing platform is 88 pounds, but I'm also 240 and physically fit. There are units out there that have a better mechanical advantage but they are more expensive and leave the kayak lower. If you are concerned about your strength or have a ceiling higher than my lower end, you might consider those. The instructions on how to thread the ropes to make the catch work are unclear, it took me a moment or two and one failed attempt to figure it out. It works well once it is threaded correctly. The wider straps provided are 6 feet long and not adjustable. they leave the kayak (even my over-sized one about 2 feet below the ceiling. This didn't work for me, but the adjustable ones also included hold it correctly. I am searching for new ones of those, because these are narrow and I'm concerned that they will deform the kayaks. Overall, this is a very solid unit at a great price. There are a couple of pretty minor concerns, but I strongly recommend this for economical storage of your kayak.

4 Stars Kayak Hoist

LW from ID wrote (August 11, 2016):

Directions could be better but otherwise seems like a solid system.

5 Stars Very sturdy product

Dan from NY wrote (July 27, 2016):

I like the overall quality and strength of the rack system the best. Looks like it will last a very long time.

5 Stars Easy as pie

Tom from NC wrote (July 23, 2016):

This kayak lift is incredibly easy to install and works very well. I installed in less than 30 minutes. My only comment is that the instructions on routing ropes could be better. I hopped on YouTube and watched a guy do it and threw the instructions away and finished roping in 3 mins. Wish hanger straps were adjustable to get more height off ground but I just looped it on itself and works great. Awesome product for the price! Now I have more garage to junk up!

5 Stars Kayak hoist for garage

Kevin from MT wrote (June 30, 2016):

This is a very useful product. There is ease of installation. It is sturdy and easy to use. I installed two sets for two kayaks. By suspending the kayaks from the ceiling in the garage, I was able to free up floor space.

5 Stars Great product

Tom from PA wrote (June 28, 2016):

I installed my hoists yesterday, with just a minor hiccup of how the rope goes through pulley system, it all went smooth. The price is great, and the product overall is of very good quality. I am a new customer, but with quick shipping and great customer service, I will definitely be a returning one

3 Stars Good for lighter items or kayaks

Art from IL wrote (June 27, 2016):

Although the lift is rated up to 100 lbs. it works best for items under 50 lbs. I have a 65 lb. kayak and it is a effort heavy to lift it with this unit. I intend to modify it with a more commercial (more expensive) hoist.

4 Stars Good but not excellent

Bryan from NC wrote (May 01, 2016):

Installed my hoist today. Simple to install but as other comments have been made, the rope assembly is a little confusing at first. Major downfall I have, is the straps to secure the kayak. I have a 11ft Perception. The straps kept sliding to the front and back of the kayak causing the straps to lengthen as it was hoisted up and eventually sliding off. I set the pulley mounts 7ft apart; considering the size of my kayak, but they may have worked better at 6ft or less. To prevent damage to my boat I used a set of ratchet tie downs instead of the provided straps and everything seems to be working great. Kayak has been in the air for 12hrs now and no sign of any issues

5 Stars Ease of Installation

Kurt Klawitter from AZ wrote (April 12, 2016):

I purchased two of your Kayak ceiling mounts. I was very impressed by the ease of installation. Anyone able to look at a picture can easily install them. I was lucky enough to stumble upon your YouTube video on running the rope through the pulleys. That was a very good find, and made it even easier! Thank you!

5 Stars Kayak Ceiling Mount

John Schaefer from NC wrote (April 10, 2016):

Entire ceiling mount package was well thought out and had ever thing required to complete the job. Brackets and pulleys were constructed well for the price. System installed and worked very good.

4 Stars Easy install, Price was right

Todd from FL wrote (April 03, 2016):

Once I found the rafters behind a finished ceiling installation was a breeze. Would like to have raised my kayak higher, but I'm not tall so it's not too bad. Another pulley to run to the wall at the ceiling would have been nice to get the pull rope out of the way.

5 Stars Hoist for SUPs

Carl from NC wrote (April 01, 2016):

Good value, quick shipment. Originally bought one for two SUPs, about 40 lbs. each. It worked okay, but between the SUPs being a bit awkward to handle and the combined weight requiring some effort to raise I decided to buy a second one. Using the individual lifts makes it quite easy to raise the SUPs up and out of the way.

5 Stars Dual Kayak storage hoist

Michael from IL wrote (January 24, 2016):

I was very impressed not only with the how quickly the racks arrived but how easy they were to install. Within an half hour I had both kayaks up and stored in my garage. Would recommend Discount Ramps and the racks to anyone.

5 Stars Kayak hoist (2-pack)

Joe from IN wrote (January 24, 2016):

Very pleased in every way. No issues with the order, order was processed and shipped in a quick manner, Great price for the quality of the product. Easy to install and great way to generate more garage space. Highly recommended!

5 Stars Great Product

T Ericksen from UT wrote (January 18, 2016):

The hoist works great. Easy installation and very sturdy.

5 Stars Stop "racking" your brain and just buy this one!!!!

Erin from NC wrote (December 19, 2015):

Easy installation. Easy to use. What else can you ask for!? Sooooo happy to have the floor of my garage back!

5 Stars Canoe-Kayak Ceiling Mount Lift for Storage

Patricia from CA wrote (November 17, 2015):

Product is easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to hang Kayak. You can't beat the price from the bigger stores and quality is amazing.

5 Stars 2 pack of kayak hoists

Mike Irish from NY wrote (September 30, 2015):

Very reasonably priced product, clear installation instructions, shipped very quickly and product of a high quality and ease of use. I would recommend positively to anyone with this need.

4 Stars Excellent Hoist

Joe from CO wrote (September 06, 2015):

Th hoist was easy to install despite the lack of detailed instructions on how to feed the ropes. The straps where longer than I expected but I found a way to lift the kayak close to the ceiling anyway. It does a great job of lifting the kayak and holds it securely up in the air.

4 Stars Great product

Wayne from DE wrote (August 07, 2015):

We are new to kayaking, but we knew we needed a good way to store our brand new kayaks in our small garage. This hoist system is great. The only reason I didn't give the product 5 stars is the poor instructional pamphlet. The instructions are available on YouTube, however; a video makes it easy to figure our.

5 Stars Just raised my kayak

Wayne from DE wrote (August 07, 2015):

Directions could use more details on installing the rope! Thank you to the people who go to the trouble of putting it on youtube. It really was a god send for us. Once the stringing of the rope was accomplished the rest was a piece of cake. I am 69 years old and I had no problem installing to a 12" ceiling or raising or lowering the kayak ( weighs 55 lbs and I had life jackets, paddle, seat and cart attached to test weight limit. All went well and I just ordered a second one.

5 Stars kayak hoist

Howard from MI wrote (July 29, 2015):

product shipped and delivered quickly. installation easy, works well. even a you-tube video that leads you thru snaking the ropes. would recommend

5 Stars Excellent quality

Kevin Cherry from OH wrote (July 03, 2015):

Attached easily in my garage and makes things easy to access.

5 Stars Works Perfect

Greg from CO wrote (June 02, 2015):

Works perfectly for my kayak! Makes my life much easier.

4 Stars Good Storage Solution

Fred Abt from ID wrote (June 01, 2015):

I was looking for a storage solution which would get my kayak off the floor and make it easier to load on the roof of my Jeep - this did the trick. While the directions had a minor glitch in drilling hole sizes, the product is excellent. It was straightforward to install and easy to operate with one person. I would highly recommend this product.

5 Stars Easy to install and eady to use

Daryl Brace from GA wrote (May 29, 2015):

I received the kit yesterday and installed today. My Kayak fits perfect in it and the kit was very easy to install

5 Stars Great Product

David from CA wrote (May 18, 2015):

Product is well built, great installation instructions, and easy to install

5 Stars Up, Up. and out of the way!

Vanessa from TN wrote (April 22, 2015):

Needed to get our Kayak out off the shed and in a more convenient location. Now it's above the truck bed and can be easily lowered.

5 Stars Kayak hoist

New kayakers from CA wrote (April 13, 2015):

We just installed two of these in our garage to store our kayaks. They are fairly easy to install. Make sure you use long lag bolts in the 2x4 for strong support. The pulley system does a great job of hoisting up and down the kayaks. We can now lower the kayaks into the back of our truck and off we go.

5 Stars Kayak hoist

jon from FL wrote (March 25, 2015):

Easy to use and well made product that does the job, and comes with all the hardware. Shipping was exceptionally fast. My only complaint are the instructions for roping the pulleys is impossible to follow, and the diagrams are useless. However, there's a great YouTube video that makes it quick and simple, and is easy to find. Very quick and easy install once you've seen the video. Five stars for the product.

5 Stars Kayak & Canoe Storage Hoist

Greg from WA wrote (February 14, 2015):

An excellent product and exactly what I was looking for to solve my storage needs, and at a reasonable price. Thank you so very much. Simple installation, as well.

5 Stars As advertised. Great product.

Jeffrey from OR wrote (February 09, 2015):

I agree with Jeremy. The diagram for routing the rope through the braking mechanism could use some refining. Instructions also indicated that there was enough rope included to space the pulleys _____ apart. Oops! Minor glitches for an otherwise wonderful product. Ease of installation and ease of use as advertised. Very good quality at a good price.

4 Stars A very good kayak hoist

Reagan from LA wrote (January 31, 2015):

It's pretty good. Saves a lot of space in my garage so now my mom can put her car in the garage too! Thanks Discount Ramps!

5 Stars More uses than just for Canoe and Kayak

Ray from FL wrote (December 03, 2014):

I purchased my first ceiling mount lift several months ago for my kayak. The lift work perfectly. Since that time I purchased a Jeep with a hardtop. I used two of the ceiling mount lifts to raise the hardtop off the Jeep. I had to make some modifications to the straps but it works better than any of the other ceiling lifts designed for this purpose. After showing my neighbor how I lifted my kayak and Jeep hardtop, they purchased the unit for himself. Great product for the price.

5 Stars Canoe Storage Hoist

Keith Kelley from MI wrote (November 26, 2014):

Easy to install, works as described. This is easy for one person to operate. I received the product before I was even ready to install it. The shipping is fast and reasonably priced. This company is great to work with and I will purchase from them again. I will be ordering another one in the near future.

5 Stars Solidly built, well engineered

Jeremy from NY wrote (November 24, 2014):

We recently moved into a townhouse with a very high-ceilinged garage, and no outdoor storage option for my 16 ft Old Town canoe. Internet searching found this hoist. It arrived promptly, and, enlisting my brother with his 10 foot stepladder, we mounted the brackets on a 10 foot 2x4 which we lag screwed to the ceiling joists. Threading the pulleys was a breeze, though if I had one quibble, a more close-up and detailed illustration of the braking mechanism would be nice.

5 Stars Using every inch of my garage!

Murray Hanson from MN wrote (November 02, 2014):

My son bought a 16 ft canoe and wanted to store it in my 3 car garage for the winter. Since the floors and the walls were already full your easy to install canoe storage hoist made use of untapped ceiling space. The instructions were straight forward and easy to understand. I would recommend this hoist to anyone looking to make the most of their storage space.

5 Stars Perfect for storing kayak properly

Cris from NY wrote (October 10, 2014):

I read many reviews on how to store kayaks to prevent damage and this product offers that option. Wall racks take up valuable space while this item allows storage above vehicle in garage. Definitely recommend this item.

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