1-1/2" x 8'6" Lockstraps Locking Cam Buckle Strap

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  • Galvanized steel rivets provide extra strength and deter theft
  • Built-in soft tie extensions prevent damage and scratches
  • Includes two combination locking carabiners, one on each end
  • Stainless steel cable runs through inside of strap so more than a knife is needed to cut through
  • Built-in cam buckle to tighten strap
  • Working load is 500 lbs.
  • Measures 8' 6" L x 1-1/2" W, 1/4" thick

The locking tie down strap is well constructed and offers many great features that make this strap truly unique and keeps items securely in place while deterring theft. The locking tie downs include stainless steel cables running throughout the inside of the strap, two heavy duty carabiners with combination locks on each, and galvanized steel rivets that are built to last. Works great for motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, tools, and much more!

The Lockstraps locking tie-down strap offers peace of mind that items are tied down securely and protected from theft. The locking tie-down strap is well-constructed and uses 8 bound stainless steel cables inside of double nylon webbing, galvanized steel rivets, and combination locking carabiners. Each strap includes 2 combination locking carabiners that make it easy to secure items. The three-digit combination lock can be reset at anytime to ensure that no one else has the combination, and each lock can have their own unique combination. The combination locks eliminate the need for keys so there's no need to worry about losing or forgetting them. The heavy duty carabiners are made from #64 hardened heat treated steel. The carabiners provide a secure way to hook tie-downs to a truck, trailer, and more and won't come loose or fall off like traditional straps with “S" hooks can. The stainless steel cable inside of the nylon webbing runs the full length of the strap and provides extra strength and protection, making it hard to cut through the strap with just a knife. Includes soft tie extensions that are built-in so there's no worry about losing them. The soft tie extensions prevent scratches or damages by putting some distance between the paint or plastic on vehicles or valuable items and the locks on the tie-down. Locking tie-down straps are reinforced for extra strength with galvanized steel rivets that are built to last.

8' 6"
1,500 lbs.
500 lbs.
2 lbs.
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