Moki EZ-Lock Motorcycle Tie-Down System

This amazing motorcycle tie-down system works great for the back of pick up trucks or trailers. No straps required!

Item # Manufacturer Part # Year / Make / Model Status Price Quantity
Moki-EZ-Lock-1 Moki EZ-Lock-1
Moki-EZ-Lock-1-18 Moki EZ-Lock-1-1/8
Moki-EZ-Lock-1-14 Moki EZ-Lock-1-1/4
Moki-EZ-Lock-1-12 Moki EZ-Lock-1-1/2
Moki-EZ-Lock-135 Moki EZ-Lock-1.35
Will not work with BMW bikes

The Moki EZ-Lock motorcycle tie-down system is an easy to install, secure tie-down system for pickup truck beds or trailers. This amazing tie-down system requires NO STRAPS to secure your motorcycle to a trailer or pickup truck bed. The anchor points on the frame and the trailer create an equilibrium to hold the bike upright and forward, providing a secure, stable ride for your motorcycle when transporting. This system is extremely easy to set up. Just follow the instructions provided!

The motorcycle tie down system has adjustable arms that will fit all cruiser style bikes (Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki) with open frames of 1" to 1-1/4" down tubes. You only have to adjust the arm once for your bike! This system holds the front tire and the frame of the motorcycle making for a firm and secure fit. There is no need to compress the shocks on the motorcycle for transport. The Moki EZ-Lock comes in 3-1/2" to 6-1/2" wide wheel chocks to fit different front tires. The system also has lynch pins that you can replace with locks of your choice.

Walk away from your bike knowing that it is stable, safe, and secure. Unlike other wheel chock systems you will not have to add nylon straps to hold the bike down from moving. The system does not have to be checked and re-tightened at every gas stop. This system will not bounce loose over the road or in the wind. The system cannot be cut with a knife leaving your bike to fall over. The Moki EZ-Lock motorcycle tie down system is the only thing required to turn a pickup bed or trailer into a motorcycle transport unit. The Moki EZ-Lock is also available in a design to be used with your existing Bike Pro Wheel Chock!

Motorcycle Tie Down System

Product Features

  • Secure a motorcycle for transport without tie-down straps
  • Adjustable arms fit all cruiser style bikes
  • Includes a wheel chock for greater stability
  • 2 setting adjust the base width - Narrow Setting: 37" - Wide Setting: 47"
  • Please Note: The Moki EZ-Lock is available in black color only!
  • Moki-EZ-Lock-1: Bikes with 1" frame tube diameters
  • Moki-EZ-Lock-1-18: Bikes with 1-1/8" frame tube diameters
  • Moki-EZ-Lock-1-14: Bikes with 1-1/4" frame tube diameters
  • Moki-EZ-Lock-1-12: Bikes with 1-1/2" frame tube diameters
  • Moki-EZ-Lock-135: Bikes with 1.35" frame tube diameters

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Please Note: The Moki EZ-Lock will not work with BMW bikes!


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5 Stars Super fast delivery of order-great service

Dave from SD wrote (March 05, 2015):

Bought this for my Harley Dyna. Good product fit and very good customer service by Discount Ramps. I will check with them again for my future needs. Thank You