Motorcycle Trailer In A Bag

Trailer in a Bag is a motorcycle trailer designed to assemble and disassemble within minutes so as not to take up a lot of space. Once disassembled all the pieces fit into a 4' long storage bag. With a 2,000 lb capacity the trailer can haul any motorcycle with less than a 71" wheel base. Available in single or dual motorcycle models.

  • Store in included 4' duffel bag
  • Steel construction
  • Tail lights included
  • Tool free assembly
  • 2,000 lb capacity
  • 2 models available
1 Year Warranty
Item # Description Weight Status Price Quantity
PMT-01 Single Motorcycle Trailer in a Bag™ 140 lbs
PMT-02 Dual Motorcycle Trailer in a Bag™ 300 lbs


Lightweight, easy to assemble motorcycle trailers that can be taken apart and stored in an included 4' long duffel bag. Each piece is lightweight and the trailer fits together with pins, not bolts, for tool free assembly. Single and dual bike models available.


Great for apartment dwellers, condominium owners, others with limited space, or motorcycle riders that don't want a bulky trailer taking up garage space, the Trailer in a Bag™ is a perfect solution. Available in both single and dual rail models, the motorcycle Trailer in a Bag™ can be taken apart and stored in an included duffel bag. Measuring only about 4' long, the storage bag is small enough to fit in a closet or car trunk. When it's time to go, the motorcycle trailer assembles in just minutes. Each piece of the Trailer in a Bag™ is lightweight, with the heaviest piece weighing only 33 lbs, making it easy for anyone to assemble. Assembly of the lightweight motorcycle trailer is tool-free, as the parts attach together with pins and clips, not bolts.

Manufactured from heavy duty, but lightweight 2-1/2" and 2" structural steel, the Trailer in a Bag™ motorcycle trailer is strong enough to support up to 2,000 lbs. With the bike trailer's high capacity, long rail, and wide distance between the wheels, any production motorcycle on the market today with a wheel base less than 71" in length can be hauled on the Trailer in a Bag™. Loading the bike onto the motorcycle trailer is easily accomplished by one person. A kickstand plate is included with the Trailer in a Bag™, allowing the bike to rest upright while tie down straps are attached to the built-in tie down loops on the trailer.

Towing the Trailer in a Bag™ motorcycle trailer is easy too, and can be done with almost any car equipped with a receiver (Class II or higher required for dual rail model). Unlike most motorcycle trailers, the 5.70 x 8 8-ply trailer tires (Load range "D") on the Trailer in a Bag™ are balanced to ensure they roll smoothly. The wheel bearings of the motorcycle trailer are rated for speeds of up to 7,500 rpm, and the trailer is rated for 70 mph. Tail lights come included, along with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin and SAE Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Sticker. Both models of the Trailer in a Bag™ are backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Trailer in a Bag™
2,000 lbs.
Class I or Higher with 2" Ball
12-14" Recommended ball height

Product Features

  • Great for motorcycle owners with limited storage space
  • Stores in included 4' long duffel bag
  • Easy, tool-free assembly can be done in minutes
  • Lightweight - the heaviest piece weighs only 33 lbs
  • Wide distance between wheels keeps trailer stable and provides plenty of room for bikes
  • Fits most production motorcycles with wheelbases up to 71" in length
  • 7500rpm Rated wheel bearings
  • 5.70x8 8-ply trailer tires (Load range "D")
  • Included kickstand plate allows the bike kickstand to keep the motorcycle upright while attaching tie down straps
  • Tail lights included
  • All Trailer in a Bag™ motorcycle trailers include a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • 2,000lb Weight Capacity
  • Tire Load Rating:
    PMT-01: 2090 lbs @ 100psi cold
    85-90psi Recommended for bikes under 700 lbs.
    PMT-02: 2090 lbs @ 100psi cold
  • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty

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