How to Choose a Motorcycle Ramp

Full Width Motorcycle Ramps

Discount Ramps offers the widest assortment of full-width motorcycle ramps, designed to make loading motorcycles and dirt bikes safe and easy. Easily push, ride or walk your bike up into your truck bed or trailer. Discount Ramps has the best prices on ramps for getting your motorcycle or scooter safely loaded.

Trying to lift a motorcycle into a truck or onto a loading dock is a hard and potentially dangerous task. Larger bikes are often too heavy for one person, and even if you can find help, there is still a high risk of an accident. By using a folding bike ramp, you can efficiently load a bike without additional help, while keeping the bike, truck or trailer, and yourself safe. Each ramp features easy installation, and offers incredible stability while loading and unloading.

We carry ramps in a variety of sizes, styles and weight capacities to fit your needs. Shorter 6-foot motorcycle truck ramps are easier to store and take up less space, while longer 12-foot ramps have a gentler incline so you exert less energy when loading. Arched motorcycle ramps give you additional clearance from your truck and the ground. For the ultimate in convenience, consider a powered motorcycle ramp system that mechanically loads and unloads your bike.