8' Long Big Boy Aluminum Folding Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity
  • Measures 8' L x 19" W
  • Serrated rung surface for maximum traction and extruded foot pivots on different vehicle load heights
  • Folds in half to just 5-5/8" high for easy transport and storage
  • Combination plate and hook lip supports ramp on tailgate and rubber padding won't scratch and adds extra grip
  • Includes a cam buckle strap to secure the ramp to your vehicle

Offering the strength and stability of the best-selling Big Boy loading ramp systems, this 19" wide single-runner design is the ideal choice for transporting all dirt bike, sport bike, and motorcycle makes and models. Its compact design and 5-5/8" folded-height make it perfect for storing next to the bike in your pickup truck bed or inside the cab of the truck on some vehicles.

Built with a 12 degree offset, the heavy-duty hinge provides the proper arch to eliminate the risk of bottoming out while loading into a 4x4 pickup truck or hauling your lowered bike. With its unique 3-3/4" ramp end featuring a solid flat plate/hook combo, this lightweight ramp system offers maximum versatility for loading on different surfaces, while the rubber padding underneath provides superior grip and prevents scratches to the tailgate.

The serrated cross-rung loading surfaces are spaced 3-5/8" apart so your foot will not slide through while walking on the ramp and offer enhanced traction in the outdoor elements, while an included cam buckle safety strap connects the ramp to the vehicle which prevent kicking out while loading. Add another level of security and save time by eliminating the need for tie-down straps when you use the Alumi-Loc Attaching System (ALUMI-LOC; sold separately) with your Big Boy motorcycle ramp.

Even with these robust safety features, it is still highly recommended that you load a motorcycle with at least two people when using single-runner ramps. These single ramps are not designed for riding your motorcycle up because they are not wide enough to put your feet down when loading and unloading. Get the most out of your Big Boy aluminum motorcycle ramp by transforming it into an ATV, UTV, and trike-loading machine when you purchase an additional Big Boy Single Runner Ramp.

36 lbs.
1,500 lbs
4' 1/2"
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