Outboard Motor Cart

When your boat's not in the water, use this outboard motor cart to move your boat motor to the shop or garage for repairs and maintenance; it works well for storage in the off-season, too. Available in three sizes with different weight capacities, the outboard motor carrier is made of durable steel tubing, so it's strong yet lightweight. Rear rubber tires make for easy manuevering.

  • Strong steel tubing construction
  • Three styles carry up to 85, 130 and 315 lbs (15, 30 and 115 hp motors)
  • Synthetic mounting block resists gas and oil
  • Easy grip handles for accurate steering and control
  • Heavy-duty model has dual rear tires with front casters
  • Mid-level model includes built-in rack and strap for gas can
  • Easy to assemble
1 Year Warranty
Item # Weight Weight
Status Price Quantity
OMC-85 14 lbs. 85 lbs.
OMC-130 18 lbs. 130 lbs.
OMC-315 38 lbs. 315 lbs.


Three sizes each with distinctive styles for different size outboard motors. These stands work great in the garage or shop for maintenance or service on your motor or for storage during winter! Includes a one year warranty!


Service, maintain, and store your boat motor on an outboard motor carrier. Three individual designs each for different size motors. Model # OMC-315 features dual rear tires, front casters, and a 315 lb capacity for holding motors up to 115 hp. Model # OMC-130 includes an integrated gas can rack with strap for holding your boats gas can and motor at the same time. The OMC 130 holds up to 130 lbs or motors up to 30 hp. The OMC-85 motor cart is designed for motors up to 15 hp or 85 lbs.

Each motor carrier has a 1-1/4" and 1" thick steel tube frame for support and a synthetic mounting block for resting the motor. The carriers have ergonomic handles making it easy to cart outboard motors in the garage or shop. The outboard motor stands rest on rubber tires (dual rear tires and front casters on model # OMC-315 ) providing a solid foundation for carting outboard motors. All outboard motor stands include a one year warranty.

Product Features

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OMC-85 Instruction Manual
OMC-130 Instruction Manual
OMC-315 Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 26 Reviews)


5 Stars OMC-85 stand

John from VA wrote (December 28, 2017):

The OMC-85 outboard stand is a much better stand than others for less money. If I needed another stand I would not hesitate to buy another. All of the parts were there, assemble in less than 30 minutes and super fast shipping. A big 5 Stars.

4 Stars OMC-130

Sean from CO wrote (May 29, 2017):

This stand works great for my Mercury 15HP motor. I went up to the OMC-130 because the weight of my motor is at the top for the stand that it calls for. Don't mind being on the safe side. Like a lot of the others, the assembly directions are a little difficult, and I did have to ream out the last hole to get the bolt through. This is the reason for the 4 stars. Per the instructions, I did just get everything started before I tightened it all down, which is a must to get it to fit all together. This model has the strap that is supposed to hold a gas can, but I found that it works great to wrap the other way around the motor and hold it securely to the stand while moving it around. Once again, erring on the side of safety. I think whoever goes with this stand will be happy. Seems like a good quality, sturdy product and hope to have it for years to come.

5 Stars Racing Motor

Jason from OK wrote (August 13, 2016):

Bought this for my son for his racing motor, he needed something to be able to move his motor around without damaging his pipes, this is a great cart, very sturdy and really a great price. Great for protecting our investment.

5 Stars Happy Camper

Claude from GA wrote (February 01, 2016):

Very happy with both my motor carriers. Well built And light weight. Not to mention a very good price.

4 Stars Outboard Engine Cart

John from VA wrote (January 08, 2016):

The cart works well for my 85 HP Force outboard. The cart arrived when they said it would and was easy to put together. A couple of the bolt holes did not align on the handle but will not use the rotating handle anyway as you can easily roll it around in the garage. Well worth the money and would recommend this product!!

5 Stars Purchase of OMC-85 stand

Camie R Degg from MI wrote (October 30, 2015):

I was very happy w/ the purchase of this economy boat motor stand as I have a older 7.7 HP 2-cyl. that my granddaughter and use for fishing out here on the Saginaw Bay and Kawkawlin River. It was very fast as far as getting the product to me and very good instructions for assembly. I will shop DiscountRamps in the future if needing anything they sell/produce..

5 Stars OMC-85 is great.

Kraig from NY wrote (July 13, 2015):

Super simple to assemble, had all the parts in the box. Very stable and secure. Well worth the money.

5 Stars OMC-F130 worth the money

Jerry from MI wrote (June 17, 2015):

Read reviews before I purchased the product. The product was delivered in a timely fashion. Unlike others, all the parts were there. Agree the instructions are lees than perfect (sticky labels on parts # 19 and 20 would help a lot) . Overall, I would recommend this product, just wished that at 63 I didn't spend so much time sitting on the floor swearing . Really, you should feel o.k. buyiny this stand, I would do it again, as it handles my 9.8 motor weel, easy to move even with a bad back, stable , and doesn't take up a lot of room.

4 Stars Onc 85

Tacanno from FL wrote (June 07, 2015):

The stand works great. Holds our heavy 4 stroke Yamaha OB without difficulty. Instructions fair, we've certainly had worse with other products. It would be better if they would label the parts with the part names instead of having to look at the pictures and figure out which is which. Husband and I were able to figure it out. Definitely worth the price, including shipping. Would probably go a little smoother with a beer close by!

5 Stars OMc-315 challange

Harold Fisher from CA wrote (May 19, 2015):

As many do I tried to make my own motor carrier, but always failed. I was browsing the web and found Discount Ramps, I purchased an OMC-315 carrier, what a challenge, it looked easy to put together, However it was somewhat like a puzzle, what goes where. I had to redrill one hole to match up. Took me a couple of hours but got it done. I enjoyed the exercise. Not bad for a 77 yr old.

5 Stars OMC85 Outboard Cart/Stand

Bob from FL wrote (March 18, 2015):

Arrived promptly & on schedule. East to assemble, well constructed. Great for storage & transport. Good value.

3 Stars Outboard Stand

Chad from MD wrote (March 12, 2015):

The stands were relatively easy to put together but the holes were drilled incorrectly making the stand crooked. It still works but is a little awkward.

5 Stars First time purchase with discount Ramps

Rob Berry from FL wrote (March 11, 2015):

I purchased the OMC-315 . The delivery was fast. The assembly was easy once I read the directions.. All in all, satisfied and will shop your website again in the future. Thank you.

5 Stars OMC-315

Paul from IN wrote (February 16, 2015):

I bought the OMC-315 to store my outboard when I'm not using it on my jon boat. It is well constructed and easy to assemble. I like the fold down handle, I can set it in the corner giving me more room in my garage.

5 Stars Medium outboard motor cart - great!

Ray from NJ wrote (January 26, 2015):

Cart has good balance when my outboard and its gas can are on it. The cart is solid and the bolts used to put it together are very good quality. All in all, it makes moving my outboard much easier than anything I've tried in the past.

5 Stars Outboard Motor Stand

Ken from WI wrote (January 23, 2015):

Fast delivery, nice sturdy product. Easy to assemble.

5 Stars outboard motor carrier

Big Fish from AL wrote (January 11, 2015):

this is a fantastic product. was very easy to put together and is extremely sturdy. I did go a little bit over kill for my motor weight but is worth it for the future of getting a larger motor. will tell everyone about this product and web site as well.

4 Stars outboard motor carrier cart stand

Robert from NC wrote (December 29, 2014):

purchased a new motor for my john boat but it allows me to remove and keep the motor inside when not in use. easy to assemble and store when not in use. sturdy and also allows me to carry other items.

5 Stars Awesome mobility & sturdiness with this great outboard engine dolly!

Mark F. Roling from CA wrote (December 21, 2014):

I had to move and work on my 40 HP Johnson that I had to store on a heavy-duty palette because of the weight. This 1987 engine for restoring weighs approximately 200 pounds. I thought I would have to build one by hand, but when I put in outboard motor carts, this product came up. I put it together in 30 minutes (I ordered the one up that handles over 300 lbs) and it is solidly manufactured. I had to forklift the engine in the air in a sling and swing it in on to the boat motor bracket on the dolly, but once I bolted it to the solid plastic plank provided within about 15 minutes, I was able to wheel the heavy engine around the shop smoothly. Now it is mobile and I can put a couple wooden blocks against the large back wheels, and it is a stand where I can work on restoring this brute! Excellent product, can't say enough good things about it. Well worth the money. Don't try and make one yourself when you have this at the simple ordering on-line!

5 Stars OMC-315 Motor Stand

Bill from IN wrote (December 19, 2014):

Love this stand, easy to put together and best of all I can roll my motor around the garage from place to place where needed to be. I put my 25 hp. four stroke on this stand and move it with ease. Now I don't have to work around my motor, I just simply move the motor. I'm glad I bought this stand, or might I say roll around stand.

5 Stars Great Stand at a Unbeatable Price

Randall Motta from MA wrote (December 19, 2014):

This Outboard Motor Dolly Stand OMC-315 is Really Well Built, Sturdy and Easy to put together at a Bargin Price . Rolls around effortlessly with my 1999 Mercury 115Hp , 20" leg , 2 stroke outboard . The handles are positioned perfectly to handle the stand comfortably and long enough to wrap the motors wiring harness , cables and control to keep everything together. Shipping is fast. I Highly Recommend this stand and DiscountRamps.com and Look forward to doing business with them again in the future .

5 Stars Excellent Quality!

Jim L from WI wrote (November 23, 2014):

This cart was delivered ahead of scheduled time. The product was easy to assemble. Great outboard cart!

4 Stars OMC-315

Dana from MA wrote (November 05, 2014):

I bought this for a 15 hp 4 stroke (I know a little overkill) but bigger is usually better. Shipping was quick, all the parts were there, it took about 15 minutes to assemble, and overall it seems like a pretty good value. I looked a some of the competitors and for the same capacity ratings you will pay a lot more. It is made overseas so it's that type of quality, not bad, not great, for my personal use it will do just fine.

5 Stars 15 hp outboard motor dolly

Lenn from SC wrote (October 13, 2014):

I have been taking this motor on and off our boat for years and just carrying it. I decided to buy your motor dolly and boy this will make a back breaking difference in the future!!!

5 Stars Outboard motor cart/storage

John from FL wrote (October 10, 2014):

Very fast shipping. Impressed that all the parts were wrapped in plastic and bolts in Ziploc bag with some attached to brackets for easy inventory verification. Have received some products from China before that were no where near the quality of this package. Kudos for quality supplier. Functionality is pretty basic and works as designed.

3 Stars Variable Elevation for Plastic Block (item 2) of Outboard Motor Carrier OMC-85

Wally from WI wrote (September 26, 2014):

The product is functional but the design could easily be improved to accommodate small motors (typically to 6 hp) with "short shafts" used in small fishing boats. With the present design, there is a 6.25" clearance from the bottom of my motor's skeg to the floor under the carrier. This unnecessary extra elevation makes the motor less stable (against tipping) on the stand and it requires lifting the 50-60 lb portable motor unnecessarily high (a real "ball buster"). It appears that the present elevation of the plastic block was selected to accommodate "long shaft" motors that are typically used as auxiliary motors for motor trolling with big boats. Your design could be easily and cheaply improved by providing one extra hole in each of the "upright tubes" (items 3 and 4) spaced 4" lower that the present lowest hole for the plastic block. This would result in 3 holes spaced at 4" intervals in each upright tube for attaching the block. That would allow your customer to select the most appropriate block elevation for his/her carrier based on a simple measurement of the motor dimension from the bottom of the skeg to the top of the transom mount. In the case of my 55 lb "short shaft" motor, assembling the block 4" lower would still leave me 2" of clearance beneath the bottom of the skeg.

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