Pampered Pet Stroller

The pampered pet stroller is a must-have for your special four-legged friend! This 3-wheel stroller is easy to maneuver and includes rear wheel brakes to prevent it from rolling inadvertently. A storage basket and cupholder tray give you plenty of room for just about anything you need for your stroll. Available in red, blue, green, and pink. More
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1 Year Warranty

The pampered pet stroller is a must-have for your special four-legged friend! This 3-wheel stroller is easy to maneuver and includes rear wheel brakes to prevent it from rolling inadvertently. A storage basket and cupholder tray give you plenty of room for just about anything you need for your stroll. Available in red, blue, green, and pink.

  • Easy-to-maneuver, 3-wheel pet stroller for small dogs up to 25 lbs
  • Water-resistant fabric with mesh windows on a rust-resistant steel frame
  • Zip-open front awning and zip-open back for easy access to your pet
  • Cupholder tray on padded handle
  • Storage basket holds blankets, dog treats, or anything else you need
  • Quickly folds down for storage
  • Available in red, blue, green, and pink


The 3 wheel dog stroller is easily maneuverable and very spacious for a small dog stroller.


The pampered pet stroller is a must-have for your special four legged friend! Available in green, blue, red, or pink, this 3-wheel dog stroller will make other dog owners drool. These pampered pet strollers are made of durable nylon that is water-resistant with rubber mesh that is sure to last. Simply un-zipper the awning and pull it back for your pet to look around and enjoy the day. The back of this pet stroller also unzips for easy access to your pet. The 3-wheel dog stroller has a convenient storage basket allowing you to carry almost anything you need for your stroll. The pampered pet stroller has many features including a dual drink holder with tray, a washable cushion, and a convenient folding feature. So go out and pamper your pet with a pink, red, green, or blue pet stroller.

25 lbs.

Product Features

  • 4 colors - red, blue, green, and pink pet stroller
  • Storage basket to store blankets, dog treats, or anything else you need
  • Stylish water resistant fabric and nylon construction
  • 3 wheel dog stroller is very maneuverable
  • 6-5/8" diameter dense foam wheels with plastic rims
  • Folds up in seconds
  • The stroller unit is made of rust resistant steel and has rear wheel brakes
  • 25 lb weight capacity
  • Wheelbase is 27"
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 10 Reviews)


5 Stars Product rating

Ben from CA wrote (November 29, 2016):

I have used the Pet stroller for the past two years with great success. Easy to assemble/easy to use and easy to collapse and carry in the car trunk when on trips and re-assemble on arrival at destination. Very convenient to use. Thanks for keeping the prices affordable!!

5 Stars Pampered Pet Stroller

Barbara from CA wrote (February 19, 2016):

I bought this stroller for our indoors kitty who loves to watch the birds and lizards from the sliding glass door. I am now able to take her in outside where she can "explore" from the safety of her stroller. I just received it a few days ago, but already she looks forward to her outside time, even if it's just in the back yard. It was very easy to assemble. We keep it in the family room with the back flap open and she often gets in it on her own. Great product and affordable. I would definitely recommend this stroller.

4 Stars Just received it two days ago

Jean from OH wrote (June 17, 2015):

I bought the pampered pet stroller and I love it. I am waiting for my cat to love it. My only complaint is the cup holder tray won't reach from one side of the handle to the other. I figured a way for it to work so I think it is okay. It was easy to put together except for the cup holder. I would recommend it to anyone who has a need for one. Much cheaper than all the others I had checked out. Thanks for that!!!!!

5 Stars Our Peke just love it

Bess from GA wrote (June 05, 2015):

Our Sophie has lots of allergies and is unable to take walks with us, with her new stroller we are now able to take her with as we walk our Husky. She loves it and can get fresh air without getting in the grasses that she is so allergic to.


Rusty from MD wrote (May 28, 2015):

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! My yorkie loves the stroller as well!! Very quick delivery!!! I bought this stroller so that our yorkie would be able to travel with us to the beach, sight seeing, or wherever there will be a lot of people. I also wanted him to feel safe. He loves to be with us, so this is another way to take him on family outings. Great product!!

5 Stars Hikaru's Stroller

Bob & Hikaru from IA wrote (May 16, 2015):

Our cockapoo turned 14 this year. He has painful arthritis plus going blind and deaf. Don't want to leave him behind and thought this stroller was the perfect answer at a reasonable price. As stated in another review, the directions were far from complete but had no trouble in setting it up quickly. Went for our first stroll tonight and we are all satisfied. Hikaru was happy to lay down and smell the world go by. The shock absorber in front and a little downward pressure on the handle bar was all that was needed to negotiation the uneven sidewalk sections.

5 Stars Love it!

Janabirdie from CA wrote (December 02, 2014):

I have a 12 pound tripod and wanted this to be able to,walk longer than 15 minutes. It's perfect. She can look out in all directions including up to,see me. She laid calmly on the cushion and did not seem stressed at all. It rolls easily and was easy to assemble. Took me about 15 minutes. It's well made and a bargain for the price. The push handle is padded with a rubber like material. It's not stated if it's latex rubber and being allergic to latex that's my only complaint. I plan on wrapping the handle just in case.

5 Stars perfect

Margaret from IL wrote (November 14, 2014):

I am grateful that someone created this stroller. When I put my 8 lb. rat terrier in it, she stretched right out and licked her paws, like it was hers. (She hasn't walked in months.) Now I can take her for walks at the park. I push the pet stroller with my left hand, and hold the leash for my other dog,with the right. We walk on graveled paths. The 3 wheels make it easy to maneuver. Sometimes I even use the pet stroller in the house so she can see what's going on. I think she likes being in the stroller - its a secure place. The zippered areas are very flexible - the whole area in front can be open like a baby stroller. The basket underneath holds my purse, clean up items, a camera and water/bowl for the dog. It's lightweight -- I can easily lift the stroller in and out of the hatchback of my car. (I don't usually collapse it.) The lime green color is just right for us.

5 Stars LOVE IT!!

Marsha Myers from AZ wrote (September 29, 2014):

This stroller was exactly what I've been looking for! I've been searching for almost a year for a good stroller for my dog without paying through the nose for it. The big pet stores want $100.+ for one. We saw a couple in the grocery store with their 2 dogs in a stroller and they gave us your website name. We now live in Arizona and the pavement gets too hot to walk my dog to the pet walk in out RV park. I can also take my little guy to the flea markets, etc. Thanks Discount Ramps! I'll spread the news!

5 Stars So cute

Maggie from PA wrote (September 23, 2014):

I bought this stroller for my daughter's birthday because she always wanted one so she can take the cats out for a stroll. She absolutely loves it! It is well made and much easier to steer with the one wheel in the front rather than all four wheels. It's lightweight but sturdy, and small enough that it doesn't take up a lot of space. I would recommend this product for anybody who has an animal with disabilities or an indoor cat.