Portable Aluminum Modular Dock Ramp System

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  • Can be used on loading docks or trailers
  • Heavy duty adjustable support stands
  • Optional "top end stand" offers a self supporting system (Model #07-30-360-01-01-01MEC)
  • Dock ramp sections connect via "pin on end" skid seat brackets
  • Adjustable width wise for specific applications
  • 3-1/2" tall side rails keep vehicles on track during loading and unloading operations (Except model #05-20-240-02-06M-High)
  • Smaller 12" long transition ramps bridge the gap from ramp to dock (Model #07-30-360-01-01-01MEC)
Item # Length Width Maximum Capacity Weight Availability Price  
07-30-360-01-01-01MEC 372" 30" 7,000 lbs 1,049 lbs.
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A complete 30 foot heavy duty vehicle system with six loading ramps and three support stands for loading vehicles, pickup trucks, and off-road wheeled equipment. The free-standing portable system features a custom end-support stand designed for loading trailers and docks without having to attach the ramps to skid seats, truck beds, or dock levelers.

These multi piece ramp systems are designed for loading vehicles and other wheeled equipment onto docks, dry vans, or trailers! Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction! Portable, lightweight, and costs much less than a yard ramp or permanent dock. Portable dock ramps offer an ideal solution for loading and unloading on to flat bed trailers, dry vans, and loading docks. These modular ramp systems feature lightweight ramp sections that pin to a heavy duty support stand manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum making the system lightweight, portable, durable, and rust proof. Serrated cross rungs on the ramp's surface provide excellent traction for wet and/or muddy tires and add extra support to the already high weight capacity dock system. The ramps and supports are connected via "pin on end" brackets which allow the ramp system to be adjusted width wise for varying vehicle widths. At the base of the dock ramp are knife foot tapered ramp ends to provide a solid smooth transition for vehicles. Ramp systems have 3-1/2" raised side rails (curbs) (except model # 05-20-240-02-06M-High) to keep vehicles on track when loading and unloading. A heavy duty end stand is available on the 07-30-360-01-01-01MEC model to make the dock ramp a free standing device. The other models without the top (high) support stand will require skid seat brackets to be welded to the trailer. Select portable dock ramps include smaller adjustable transition ramps to bridge the gap from dock to ramp. The portable dock ramp is able to accommodate cars, trucks, and other pneumatic wheeled equipment. Includes a 1 year manufacturer's warranty! The best way to determine your vehicle's axle weight is to drive the heaviest axle on a scale. Normally the front of your car, SUV, or pick-up truck is the heaviest axle weight because of the engine. Skid seat brackets must be used with all pin end ramp systems to secure them to your loading dock, trailer, or box van. The ramp tube sits down in the skid seat channel and is pinned, eliminating the risk of ramp slipping off trailer or dock. Consider brackets wider than your ramps so you can slide the ramps in or out to accommodate different vehicles. Call for a quote on custom ramp applications. We can manufacture any size or weight capacity custom ramp you require!

07-30-360-01-01-01MEC: When using as a self-standing device it is recommended to secure the ramp to the dock with tie down straps; 05-24-360-01-01-01-MC, 07-30-360-01-01-01MC: Skid Seat Brackets (not included) are required for use
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