Stud Ring Tie Down Kit

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  • Easily add tie down points to pickup truck bed or trailer
  • Kit includes four mounting plates, four removable stud rings, four backing plates, eight bolts, eight nuts and 16 washers
  • Mount nearly anywhere there is sufficient room for tightening bolts
  • 2000 lb capacity at 90°, 3,000 lb at 45°, and 4,000 lb at 0° - 2,000 lb max capacity only when used with track system

Stud Ring Tie Downs are a great solution for adding tie down points to a pickup truck bed or trailer for securing straps and cargo nets. Installation is easy, just drill two holes for each tie down ring, bolt the mounting plate in place and snap in the spring-loaded tie down ring. Stud Ring Tie Downs are versatile and can be mounted nearly anywhere provided there is enough access room to tighten the stud ring anchor bolts. Each package includes four stud ring tie down anchors and all necessary hardware for installation.

1.6 lbs.
2,000 lbs.
1,100 lbs.
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