Side entry support strap for the Roll Up Dog Ramp

Adjustable strap to keep the 18 link roll up dog ramp stable when loading a pet into the back seat of a sedan or SUV. Padded metal hook won't scratch paint. Attaches to the ramp with Velcro.


Prevent accidents when loading pets into the rear seats of a sedan or SUV by ensuring that both sides of the 18 Link Roll Up Dog Ramp are supported with the side-entry support strap. Some doors may not open wide enough for the roll up pet ramp to rest safely on the vehicle seat. The side entry support strap hangs from a door window frame to support one side of the dog ramp. Car paint won't be harmed by the support strap as the sturdy metal hook is padded. At the other end of the sedan entry strap, a loop wraps around the roll up dog ramp and secures with Velcro. For a perfect fit, the side entry strap is adjustable, and can be used on either side of the vehicle.

Roll Up Dog Ramp Side Entry Support Strap - supports one corner of the dog ramp from a window frame

Product Features

  • Stabilizes the Roll Up ramp when used on a sedan/ SUV side door
  • Eliminates the possibility of the ramp tipping under the weight of the pet because of uneven support
  • Padded metal hook prevents scratches or damage to car paint
  • Adjustable strap for a perfect fit
  • Not compatible with vehicles that have frame less windows

Warning and Usage Guidelines

The side entry support strap is not compatible with vehicles that do not have a door window frame.

Works With

18-LINK-RAMP roll up dog ramp

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