48" x 63" Guardian Aluminum Grit Shipping Container Ramps - 10,000 lb. Capacity

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 10,000 lb. per axle weight capacity
  • Measures 48" L x 63" W
  • Industrial-strength grit surface for maximum traction in all weather conditions
  • Solid plate knife foot provides a smooth transition
  • Designed for loading and unloading shipping containers with an 8" tall lip
  • Includes a single container ramp

This extra-long, extra-wide shipping container ramp, exclusively from Discount Ramps, is designed to provide plenty of room and extra clearance space to maneuver a pallet jack or forklift when loading and unloading a container. Designed for use on containers and other applications with a lip up to 8" high, the ramp features an industrial strength grit-coat surface to provide maximum traction, and a knife foot and plate end to deliver a smooth transition between the ground, ramp, and container. This one-piece ramp is designed for use with forklifts rated up to 10,000 lbs. per axle and is light enough for one person to carry. The ramp's width is perfect for providing forklifts with extra room on the sides, and the added length decreases the slope for a gentler approach.

100 lbs.
10,000 lbs. per axle
10,000 lbs per axle load limit; Designed for use with forklifts; Not for use with 3 wheel forklifts
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