Single Lane Speed Hump 10'L x 3'W

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  • Includes six 1-1/2'L x 3'W Guardian Modular Speed Humps
  • Includes two Guardian Modular Speed Hump End Caps
  • Made of durable, long-lasting rubber
  • Yellow rubber embedded for increased visibility
  • Mounting holes for permanent installation on asphalt or concrete (please note, mounting hardware is not included)
  • Ribbed traction surface
  • Modular design for easy transportation between uses

This one-lane speed bump from Guardian slows traffic to between 10 and 20 miles per hour, making it perfect for school zones and residential zones. Made of durable rubber, this single lane speed hump will slow traffic reliably for years.

Offering a wide, gradual slope, this one-lane speed hump is an effective way to slow down traffic while still maintaining an even traffic flow. Ideal for residential streets, parking lots and other high-traffic areas, this durable rubber 10'L x 3'W single lane speed hump will provide years of dependable use. Unlike the abrupt, sudden slowdown caused by speed bumps, speed humps offer a more gradual, easy slope for vehicles. These speed humps effectively slow traffic down to 10-20 mph, while keeping the flow of traffic smooth, order yours today!

276 lbs.
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