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Black Ice Snowmobile Track Stand and Lift

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  • Manufactured from durable, powder-coated steel
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • 10" by 10" base provides stability while lifting
  • Easy one-person use
  • Lifts front or rear of snowmobiles
  • Lift has three lift height settings to accommodate most snowmobiles
  • Locks in place when lifted with safety chain

With the Black Ice snowmobile track stand you can easily lift your snowmobile for front or rear end maintenance or storage. To use slide the lift under the snowmobile, adjust the height and then raise by pushing on the lift arm. Three adjustable lift settings to accommodate all types of snowmobiles. Lift locks into place with safety chain while in use.

Extend your sled's track life and eliminate track freeze-up with the Black Ice Adjustable Snowmobile Track Stand. Featuring three adjustable lifting height settings, the snowmobile jack is compatible with most sleds and can be used on either rear or front bumpers up to 2" thick. The sled stand securely locks into place with included chain and 10" x 10" base provides necessary stability.

350 lbs.
10.5 lbs.
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