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The emergency kit is packed with supplies that last up to three days during and after disaster situations. The elite survival pack comes in a red hiker's backpack that also has room for personal items. Supplies include food and water, shelter, tools, recreational items, a hygiene kit, and a first aid kit. More
1-2 week lead time

The emergency kit is packed with supplies that last up to three days during and after disaster situations. The elite survival pack comes in a red hiker's backpack that also has room for personal items. Supplies include food and water, shelter, tools, recreational items, a hygiene kit, and a first aid kit.


When cut off from others due to natural disasters or even terrorist attacks, the 72-hour bug out bag from Guardian Survival Gear helps you hold off until resupplied and reunited with others. All Guardian Survival kits are sets of gear prepared from government agency and non-profit preparedness organization guidelines. All items in the elite survival kit are packed into a multi-pocket hiker's backpack with extra space for personal items.

Food & Water
When stranded or cut-off from society, the most important items to have are food and water. Two six packs of Coast Guard approved water pouches are included in the survival kit to keep you hydrated throughout a 72 hour period. Each pouch contains 4.25 fl oz of filtered water that has a shelf life of 5 years. If water is attainable, but questionable in quality, 10 tablets help purify the water. Each tablet is capable of purifying 1 liter of water. Six individually wrapped food bars come in U.S. Coast Guard approved packaging. Each pack contains a 400 Calorie bar with a shortbread cookie flavor. The food bars, much like the water pouches, contain a 5 year shelf life.

Light & Communication
A form of communication is important during natural disasters when attempting to gain insight on disaster relief sites. An AM/FM radio lets you listen in on where and when relief comes to the affected area. Batteries and ear-bud headphones are included with the radio. When trekking through the wilderness, a 5-in-1 whistle helps by pointing you in the right direction while also signaling to others. The whistle itself produces enough sound to travel over a mile or more if the wind is blowing in the right direction. The opposite end of the whistle contains a compass that is always useful when trying to find your way out of an affected area. The compass is attached to the whistle by a threaded end and can be removed and replaced. The compass covers up the water tight storage space that can hold a few small objects such as matches or even money.

A box of waterproof matches are provided to start fires even in damp weather. The outside of the whistle has a small flint starter that is used to create sparks and eventually a fire to start a source of warmth. When you find yourself trapped or unable to move, a small signaling mirror helps flag-down potential rescuers. A lanyard makes the 5-in-1 whistle hands free as it can be secured around the neck or to the backpack itself. A unique LED flashlight is a needed device that helps you view the landscape during the night. The LED flashlight stores its own power without the use of batteries and recharges by the squeeze of the handle.

Another method of light is an included candle that lasts for a total of 30 hours. An adjustable wick can be pulled to the top and used as a mini stove for cooking food. A glow stick is added into the bug out bag as another means of seeing during the night. After the initial cracking of the stick, 12 hours of light will be provided.

Shelter & Warmth
Shelter and warmth are extremely important when trying to stay out of the rain, wind, snow, or chilly nights. An emergency sleeping bag retains 90% of the body heat emitted while blocking water and wind. The sleeping bag is made of mylar, a material that is used in most space blankets. A useful tool in staying warm are body warmers that last for 16 hours. The warmers are activated once opened and heat up to 150°. The average temperature settles around 130° and is most useful when placed inside the sleeping bag or clothing (Don't apply directly to the skin).

Another form of shelter in disaster situations are tube tents. The 2-person tent is made of waterproof polyethylene and sets up with an included cord. The cord is simply tied around the trunks of 2 trees or sturdy posts and runs through the roof of the tent. When conditions aren't met for setting up a tube tent, a hooded poncho offers a way to block out the rain or snow. All included ponchos are one size fits all.

The tools supplied in the elite Guardian kit are provided for disaster situations. A multi-functional knife is a Swiss Army-style tool that has uses for 16 separate occasions. The tools included on the knife are a can opener, cork screw, reamer, manicure blade, sturdy reamer, Phillips screwdriver, hook disgorger, flathead(slot) screwdriver, key ring, toothpick, fish scaler, tweezers, wood/rope saw, scissors, cutting blade, and a cap lifter. The single, multi-functional tool has all the tools needed for a disaster situation. If a recovery effort is in progress, a pair of leather gloves help protect the hands from sharp glass, metal, or charred objects.

During forest or house fires, a real problem that arises is smoke and ash. A great way to prevent smoke inhalation is with a NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved respirator mask. The N95 filters out harmful chemicals and are recommended for use against airborne pandemics. The respirator mask alone won't solve all of the problems during fires. Safety goggles protect the eyes from debris and smoke and should be used with the respirator mask for maximum results. There may be situations when you are trapped and can't get out. Whether it's a steep cliff or a level of a burning building, a 50 ft. nylon rope can help you climb or repel to safety. A sewing kit is also included to patch up holes the tube tent, clothing, gloves, or sleeping bags.

Hygiene & Sanitation
A 24 piece hygiene kit is included to help stay clean while preventing disease and infection. The set includes a tooth brush, tooth paste, 9 wet napkins, soap, shampoo and conditioner, a dental floss pick, hand and body lotion, a twin razor blade, deodorant gel, a 5" black comb, 4 Maxi Pads and bandages, washcloths, shaving cream, and 3 pocket tissue packs. An included 65 piece deluxe first aid kit helps clean and heal minor inju

Elite Survival Pack - A 72-hour emergency kit packed with survival items from government agency and non-profit preparedness organization guidelines
11 lbs

Product Features

  • 4oz water pouches (12)
  • 400 calorie food bars (2400 Cal.)
  • 10 water purification tablets (1 liter of water per tablet)
  • 30 hour candle
  • 12 hour glow stick
  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
  • Box of waterproof matches
  • Survival Mylar sleeping bag
  • 16 hour body warmer
  • 2 person tube tent
  • Hooded poncho
  • 16 function knife
  • Pair leather palm work gloves
  • N95 NIOSH dust mask
  • 50 ft. nylon rope
  • Safety glasses
  • Sewing Kit
  • Infectious waste bag
  • 24 piece hygiene kit
  • Hand/Body lotion
  • 3 pocket tissue packs
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Golf Pencil and notepad
  • 65 piece first aid kit


Emergency Contact Locations and Phone Numbers by State
Emergency Contact Card
Preparedness Checklist
Fire Drill Instructions


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5 Stars Love it I can't find exactly what I ordered this is the closest thing to it

Mandie from TX wrote (July 23, 2015):

Very happy was exactly what it claimed to be and more bought it for my son and he loves it thank you