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How to Choose the Best Storage Cover

Aside from surface scratching, the three main threats to your vehicle or equipment while in storage are moisture, dust, and UV-rays. Moisture from the air and rain can cause corrosion and mold, dust and dirt can build up in gears and motors, and UV-rays can cause damage or fading to the surface. With the right professionally-designed cover, your vehicle or equipment can be completely protected from all of these threats; all you need is the right material and a proper fit.

You might be tempted to consider using a plastic or canvas tarp, a blanket, or some bed sheets to protect your vehicle or equipment during storage. While a plastic or canvas tarp may repel water just fine, it also traps moisture inside and may scratch the equipment, especially when exposure to UV-rays causes it to crack. Blankets and bed sheets, on the other hand, are more breathable and softer, but are not water-resistant and can allow dust and dirt to gather within.

Quality of Material

Look for a cover that will protect your equipment from the threats it is most likely to encounter by considering how often you will use the cover and where you plan to keep your covered equipment while it is in storage. If you plan on frequently storing your equipment outside, get a cover that is waterproof and UV-resistant to protect it from rain and prevent the sunlight from cracking or tearing it. If you will usually be storing your equipment indoors and out of sunlight, a water-resistant cover that is not UV-resistant will work just fine, but it will break down if left outside too often. It’s important to remember that “waterproof” and “water-resistant” do not mean the same thing.

A Proper Fit

Plastic or canvas tarps, blankets, and sheets are not specifically designed to fit your boat, motorcycle, or other vehicles and equipment. A cover should fit your piece of equipment without gaping pockets or excess fabric, which can welcome bugs or other animals looking to nest. A correctly-sized cover makes fitting and removal easy, especially if you are covering or uncovering your equipment by yourself.

Browse our Selection offers a wide selection of storage covers for everything from snowmobiles and motorcycles and ATVs to campers and patio furniture. We also offer a high-quality selection of portable garages for when you need some quick and spacious temporary cover from the elements.

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