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Threshold Ramps

Safely and easily maneuver your wheelchair or power scooter over short rises around the home or office with our selection of durable, lightweight threshold ramps.
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Available in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes, these ramps will help you safely and easily navigate over daily obstacles, such as uneven doorways or single steps.

Types of Threshold Ramps

We offer a wide range of rubber, aluminum, and foam threshold ramps in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. They are all designed to help wheelchair and power scooter users smoothly navigate small rises like doorways, patio doors, shower entrances, and single steps. We offer three main types of ramp:


  • Not Adjustable
  • Comes in a variety of heights to accommodate different rises
  • Available in foam, rubber, and aluminum


  • Versatile, convenient
  • Available in aluminum
  • Adjustable legs to accommodate multiple rises


  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed for single steps, uneven floors, thresholds, sliding doors
  • Add or remove sections of the ramp to get a perfect fit anywhere you use it.
  • Available in aluminum, and rubber

How to Measure for a Threshold Ramp

To ensure that you order the correct size ramp, it is important to measure the following:

  • The total vertical rise that needs to be overcome
  • The available distance without obstruction, measuring straight out from the highest point
  • The total usable width of the area/doorway

For additional measurement instructions, our mobility ramp calculator, and ADA guidelines regarding ramps, read the following articles:

How to Install a Threshold Ramp

  1. Clear the area of dirt, debris, leaves and moisute to prevent any damage to the ramp or ground surface.
  2. For aluminum threshold ramps, use mounting hardware with the ramp's pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting.
  3. For foam and rubber threshold ramps, they generally have enough weight or traction that they can be left free standing and will not move.

For more details, questions, or if you need assistance ordering, please contact us online or via phone: 1-888-651-3431.