Threshold Ramps

No room is off-limits in your home or office when you install wheelchair threshold ramps from Discount Ramps. Navigate through raised doorways, up steps and over other obstacles using these durable ramps for mobility devices. Whether you require a wheelchair or power scooter due to a temporary injury, long-term disability, or old age, investing in a quality threshold ramp restores your independence to move freely throughout your home or office.

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These wheelchair threshold ramps turn a sudden bump or step into a gradual incline that people can wheel up and over with ease. If you need mobility ramps for your entryway, raised landing, short stairwell or sliding door, trust Discount Ramps to have a solution. We stock the best thresholds in the industry, so you can find premium products at affordable prices.

Transition thresholds can be made from a number of materials. Aluminum thresholds are strong, lightweight and weather-resistant for indoor or outdoor use. Solid rubber walker ramps are more flexible, making them better for uneven surfaces. Industrial foam threshold ramps have a polyurethane coating, making them the lightest and most durable access ramps available. We stock thresholds in numerous widths and weight ratings so you can find the ones perfect for your space and traffic. Many threshold models come in multiple sizes for various riser heights and can be adjusted within a certain range.

We have many other wheelchair rampsin stock, so contact our experts with any questions or special requirements.