Tracer Wheelchair Foot Riggings

Designed for the Invacare Tracer EX2 line of wheelchairs. Standard and elevated options available with aluminum or composite footrests.

BRAND: Invacare
Item # Description Material Status Price Quantity
T93HE Hemi Footrests without heel loops Composite

T94HE Hemi Elevating Leg-rests with non-padded calf pads Composite

T93HA Hemi Footrests with heel loops Aluminum

T93HC Hemi Footrests with heel loops Composite

T94HA Hemi Elevating Leg-rests with aluminum foot-plates and padded calf pads Aluminum

T94HC Hemi Elevating Leg-rests with padded calf pads Composite

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Complete a Tracer EX2 Manual Wheelchair with a set of front riggings. A variety of standard wheelchair footrests and elevated leg-rests are available to suit the user's needs. The fold-up footplates on all of the wheelchair front riggings are made of aluminum or composite material depending on the model. Standard foot rests are available with or without heel loops, while elevated leg-rests have padded or standard calf pad options. See the ordering table below for the full model list.

Product Features

  • Triple chrome plated, carbon steel frame tubes
  • Aluminum or composite foot plate construction
  • Standard wheelchair foot rests and elevated leg rests available
  • Heel loops available on foot rests
  • Padded and standard leg rest options

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