H1 Box Trailer Roof Racks

The H1 Series trailer roof rack set from Vantech is a single set of mounting uprights, bases and a single cross bar that mounts to the upper side of enclosed trailers. The mounting uprights and bases are machine-welded to keep a solid, water-tight seal.

Item # Capacity Clearance Width Color Status Price Quantity
H2189 300 lbs 8-1/2" 42"
H2190 300 lbs 8-1/2" 56"
H2191 300 lbs 8-1/2" 63"
H2192 300 lbs 8-1/2" 72"
H2193 300 lbs 8-1/2" 84"
H2194 300 lbs 8-1/2" 96"
H2195 300 lbs 16" 42"
H2196 300 lbs 16" 56"
H2197 300 lbs 16" 63"
H2198 300 lbs 16" 72"
H2199 300 lbs 16" 84"
H2200 300 lbs 16" 96"
Sold in single units

A single roof bar is available from Vantech that is designed to fit to enclosed, pull-behind trailers. Whether its a small, pull-behind trailer for motorcycles, a regular enclosed box trailer, or a six-wheel gooseneck trailer, the range of cargo trailer roof racks fit nearly all enclosed trailer sizes. Cross bar widths are available in six lengths from as little as 42" up to 96". Durable steel side-roof racks are available to hold cargo up to 300 lbs.

The clearance height of the regular H1 trailer roof racks measure at 8-1/2". A taller version is available and measures in at 16". The 16" version allows users to not only use the upper side of the cross bar, but the bottom side as well. Conduit carriers and other materials can be hung from the bottom of the cross bars to double up on storage space.

Mounting bases are drilled into the side of the enclosed trailer and attached with an interior mounting plate. Gaskets are placed in between the mounting plates and trailer to prevent water leakage while the mounting uprights are capped with rubber to prevent wind noise. Drilling is required.

1" W x 2" H

Product Features

  • One cross bar with side mounting bases
  • Six available cross bar sizes
  • Clearance of 8-1/2" or 16"
  • Water-tight mounting uprights
  • Protected in black or white powder coating
  • Included hardware and gaskets
  • Drilling required


Instruction Manual

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